Is your nanny looking for a new job?

Received Wednesday, May 14, 2008- Perspective & Opinion
Would you want to know if your nanny was walking up and down the UWS asking people if they needed a nanny? I have seriously run into this woman like 4 times. I think she works in the 90's. She pushes a little girl in a stroller with her. It'd definitely a Maclaren but I can't say for certain if it is black or blue. The nanny is from Trinidad or somewhere near there, by her accent. The little girl she takes care of is about 2.5 and has blonde hair. The nanny is pretty average looking and average sized. She wears glasses. She doesn't come off as mean but very intent on getting hired, bordering on desperation.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if she's one of those Au Pairs that get in debt over their heads borrowing from everyone they know to get over here only to learn that the 3500.00 in US fees they raised to get here takes forever to pay back at the 260.00 per week they earn BEFORE TAXES!

Anonymous said...

If she is that desperate, her job is probably ending because her employer is moving, or quitting her job to stay home.
Although it is possible that her job is so horrendous that she is frantic to get out.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she hates her job. Maybe her employers are freaks. Maybe they've threatened to fire her. Maybe she's illegal and doesn't want to use an agency (they usually check your resident status, etc).
Leave her alone. It's really none of your business.

Hoboken is great said...

I agree with the above poster. Why is it your business if she is looking for another position?

Like someone mentioned maybe, shes working for a lousy family. Some families and nannies included put on different personalities during the interview.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she has a sister or another family member that is looking? She is going at it all wrong for sure but it could be she is not looking for herself.

Anonymous said...

This happens every day in Manhattan. When I was pregnant, I was approached daily by nannies asking me if they could work for me when the baby came. I am a SAHM so I wasn't even looking. This happened mulstiple times a day. One nanny even pointed to the child in the carriage and said that she didn't like her or the family and she was looking for another job. It's nothing new for nannies to approach strangers on the street looking for a new job. I think the poster posted this to warn the parents that their nanny could not just show up one day because she has a new job. Legitimate reason to post.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me. One nanny went so far as to stand outside on the corner of Park and 85th and handed out flyers seeking a new job all while a stroller was at her side.
I think some people who post on the board don't live in NYC and don't get the vibe. Had I not lived there once this post might have conjured up a sweet nanny sitting in the suburban park discreetly asking about a job. However, in the city it just doesn't work that way.

It is not ok for a nanny to pursue other jobs while caring for a child. Parents would want to know that the nanny's time is spent job hunting and not on the child.

Anonymous said...

I've been approached by nannies who claim they run an "agency". Why anyone would be interested in an "agency" with no office is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Because they are most likely "fly-by-night" agencies, and not safe, reliable or honest.
I wouldn't be caught dead dealing with someone who wasn't legitimate on paper.

Ruth S. said...

Lol, you rich idiots are hilarious.

You post on this site about how all your nannies are selfish, uneducated, cellphone-obsessed sluts, and then you get all hot and bothered when they don't want to work for you anymore!