10 April, 2008

Reis Park in Somers, NY

Update - Thursday, April, 10, 2008
I sent the Reis Park email yesterday and I just went on your site and saw the route 22 sighting. These locations are very close. I suspect they are the same woman with the same child.

Received Wednesday, April 9, 2008
nanny sighting logo Today at noon, (4/9), I took my kids to this park and witnessed a very strange woman interacting in a very disturbing way with a boy, approx 3 1/2, named, I think, Caleb. She had blonde hair and the little boy had brown hair; she is slender, white, was wearing a grey sweatshirt and jeans, some kind of sparkly earrings, no wedding ring. She also had on big sunglasses and is probably in her twenties. She was sitting on a blanket with another woman, skinny, long brown hair in a ponytail, with a small blonde girl - maybe 18 months old. Caleb and the other woman called her Jen, I think. The boy was leaning up against her asking her to play as she had a picnic and chatted with the other woman. She said harshly, "YOU go play, that's what kids DO at the park, they PLAY!" Then she pushed him off of her and said sharply, "Stop LEANING on me!" I can't describe the contempt she was expressing toward this boy. He then waited several minutes and asked her to play again, to which she replied, "Can't I EVEN FINISH MY SANDWICH????" Then, after a pause, she said angrily, with a raised voice, "God, Caleb, you just make me feel like killing myself."

The other, brunette woman did not interfere in any way until the blonde woman snapped at the small blonde girl. Then the brunette woman said, "She was just trying to give you something, Jen."

It seemed like the brunette was very accustomed to the way the blonde woman treats the small boy. The two women know each other well - they were chatting about friends they have in common. The boy called the blonde woman Jen, so that and the lack of a wedding ring makes me think she wasn't his mom. She seemed to feel horribly burdened by him. Please, whoever this is watching your boy - get rid of her, quick.


  1. How on God's green Earth do you know these are both about the same nanny? One reports the child as 3 1/2, the other 4 or 5. That's a sizable age difference in a child.

    Nonetheless, I'd like to see both OP's compare notes on this thread to see if it really was because if so, this nanny needs to be removed from this child quickly! And I would hope both OP's will keep their eyes peeled and get the license plate # next time and report it.

  2. OP of route 22 postApr 10, 2008, 10:21:00 AM

    I am the OP from the other thread. I would say I could have very well been off in guessing the child's age. But I think it is unlikely that they are the same nanny. The locations are not that close. I think what OP must have been sensing was another similiar looking women with a similiar aged child who was behaving in a way that caused concern. She witnessed the woman say awful things to the child, I saw a woman screaming and carrying on like an insane person, hurling things at the boy while she drove 50 MPH. I would feel better if it were the same woman, because that would mean that just one child and not two children were being abused by their caregivers. And in defense of my post, she just didn't feel like a mom to me. It's one of those things that you try and put in words and perhaps misspeak. I didn't get the feeling she was driving her own car and I didn't get the feeling that was her own child.

  3. Thanks for clarifying Rte. 22 OP.

  4. For some reason, this sounds like a stepmother to me.

  5. Ah, one of those "evil step-mother, red headed step-child" moments, ya think?

  6. or perhaps "Jen" babysitting Maddox

  7. Nah, I'm not too crazy about Jen, but I don't think she'd go around beating 'Mad', either.

  8. I am the Somers OP. The Route 22 posting seemed like the same person to me because the woman I witnessed also had a pointy face (as described in the 22 posting) and the description in other ways seemed to match. When I saw this woman in Somers, she was really on the edge - barely held it together even though I was right there!
    The Armonk/Route 22 posting was about three hours later and may have involved a party favor-type bag. She may have driven south to go to a party or shop in the interim time. I just have a gut feeling this is the same woman - the time frame and locations are too close.
    As for the boy's age, it is certainly possible to guess the same kid's age at between 3 1/3 and 5. I myself have kids ranging from tall to short and when seen in a car seat especially, it's hard to tell.

  9. I think it's just a coinky-dink. Too bad, though.
    I agree with the other OP, that now it makes 2 children needing help, instead of just one.

    Truly sad.

  10. ya know, yesterday, I was thinking about a guy I knew who used the term "coink-i-dink" and how much it disturbed me. Are you Jim? If so or if not, please cease and desist with that word. Really.

  11. Quite awhile back, there was a "beefy Brit nanny" who seemed to pop up all over, but it turned out to be different beefy nannies.

  12. Wow, that story is very disturbing! I wonder if there is some way the person who saw this could get in touch with the mother. It seems pretty important that she know this is going on.

  13. Could be mom or nanny...but either way this is a terrible shame.
    If anybody here figures out who she is I hope they can contact the parents. if it turns out to be the mom, somebody needs to contact the dad and social services.

  14. 11:45

    No, i'm not Jim.
    Sorry - it's just a coinky-dink.

    And please don't tell people what they can and can NOT say.
    Get it?
    Got it?

  15. Sprak
    or maybe it was just a coinky-dink?

  16. whoops, yep that was me - Sprak is back and....I have have absolutely no problem telling certain posters like anonymous 11:01 and anonymous 4:32 what they can and cannot say. So, no... didn't get it, haven't got it and it's still not good to use the word: coink-i-dink, unless, of course, your goal is to sound like a fool.

  17. or to piss you off, right?
    why do you have to be so rude to a poster over a stupid expression, sprak?
    Love ya to death, but don't be so bossy!

  18. This woman needs to be found and now! Next time call 911 people.

  19. I agree it wasn't nice the way she treated this child. But really what do you think the police would do. Nothing. Its not like their was mention of physical abuse, etc. She was impatient and raised her voice at the child. What can the cops do about that.

    Even though I know emotional abuse can be alot worse than physical. Really, I don't see the authorities doing anything about this.

  20. Wow, if I ever have an off day with my child, I better watch out. Who knows someone on here would write a paragraph about me. Or better yet call the police

  21. Off Day? OFF DAY? You think this is an off day?
    I have had off days as a mom. I have made mistakes. I have been cranky when the kids didn't deserve it...but in my OFFEST DAY EVER I never told my children they made me want to kill myself, treated them with contempt, or shoved them away when they wanted to sit touching me...and I'll bet 99%+ of the moms on here would say the same thing. This is not normal cranky mom or nanny behavior. This is abusive. Not police worthy abuse...particularly not 911...but bad nevertheless. If she is not the parent, they need to know about this. If she is the mom, then dad and social services need to know about it.
    How tragic for an innocent little person to think he is a burden when he should feel like his presence is a joy.

  22. "How tragic for an innocent little person to think he is a burden when he should feel like his presence is a joy."

    Omg Mom, your post is going to make me cry.

  23. Your full of crap 5:44

  24. This woman needs to be jumped by a crew of emo thugs. seriously. why are people allowed to mistreat children? why do we allow it? we obviously do or people wouldn't behave like this in public.

  25. I'm glad I'm not the only one who rolls their eyes at "Mom"s posts.
    She is just too much.
    Eww. eww. eww.
    That being said...
    she needs to be jumped by a crew of emo thugs?????
    emo thugs??
    Maybe I am just too old to get it.
    What would "emo" thugs do: convince her to start cutting herself and liking shitty music?

  26. EMO is the new MULLET...and much like the mullet, the jokes that pertain to it aren't funny OR clever.

    I think what Mom said made sense. What's the problem? The sappy last line? Hey, I enjoy the theatrics.

    That was no "off day." That was flat out emotional abuse..the end.

  27. Anon722

    Mom is the most prolific poster on this blog so... don't you go disparaging her or I might just have to call you an anonymousAss. It really is so much easier to slither around posting anonymously, though, isn't it?

  28. Something about 5:44 hit Anon 7:22 a little too close to home. :(

  29. I'm sorry, I've been a little on the sensitive side lately, but was there a reason for jumping on Mom's post? Did she in some way bother you by what she wrote?

    Just skip to the next post. Insulting others just isn't neccessary, especially when you don't have an opposing comment and just want to start trouble.

  30. i got the apple!Apr 12, 2008, 8:56:00 PM

    I agree with "mom", and for those of you whose "off days" do resemble the woman OP posted about, I pity your children. You're the ones that make me sick, not "mom" or any other loving, caring mother or childcare provider.

  31. OK, I gotta ask, what is EMO?

  32. Ha! Just in time. I just logged on and my 17 yr. old son is right behind me.
    Ohhh, and here comes 14 yr old daughter.
    We'll get it from the ones who see it "EMO" in school.

    17 yr old boy says EMO is... "Hard to explain. It's the kids who dress in black and look like satan and cut themselves...although that is a very condescending way to put it and I wish I could think of how to describe it in a nicer way."

    14 yr old girl says: "Somebody who governs themselves and their lives more on their feelings and emotions than what other people say and think. Some EMO people are the people who dress in black and skinny jeans and wear too much eye liner because they think it's cool."

    Now they are sitting here arguing about what EMO really is...apparently further illustrating the "it's hard to explain" comment my son started with.

    In my opinion, it looks a lot like the punk rock or goth fads on the outside, only instead of extreme anger they tout extreme depth of feeling...sadness, futility, and being misunderstood as their commonality. The self cutting thing I do also believe is thought of as an "EMO" thing.

    PS thanks for those who I see have been defending me today. I have certainly grown a thicker skin being on here! I like what Cali mom says when people try to pick fights with her..."Whatever...Next." Now I just think that and smile. By the way...where is Cali? I hope she's off enjoying a fabulous Spring Break vacation somewhere warm.

  33. Hehehe! I just noticed...it's Calimom's post I was responding to!
    Where have you been. Or, have you been here all along and I have simply been masquerading as my superhero counterpart, "Oblivious Gal," all along?

    Still getting over being sick and I am a little "foggy" even now.

  34. Mom,
    it sounds to me as if your two kids are stuck-up elitist snobs just like you.
    sounds like you accomplished what you set out to.

  35. Honestly, I agree with Mom. I have had off days where I could not bear one more thing thrown on my plate and have snapped at my kids when I shouldn't have. But I would never throw things at them, shove them away or tell them they make me feel like killing myself. In fact, the first thing that diffuses any anger/annoyance and chases away a bad day is having my kids run up and hug me when I walk through the door. There is something very wrong with this woman (or women).

  36. 10:31 Exactly. There is nothing like a little child coming up for a hug and a snuggle to break even the worst of moods. How could anyone push them away?!

    As for 10:27...whatever...next. (Why does the term "angry inbred" keep coming to mind, I wonder?)

  37. 10:40
    Perhaps it is because someone said something you disagreed with and instead of responding intelligently you insulted them.
    Pot, meet kettle. :)

  38. Nah, I think it's probably because the post sounded like it was written by an angry inbred.

  39. 10:27 is just another example of somebody who has nothing to say feeling threatened by somebody who does. Pathetic.

  40. 10:45 (and mom) exactly!

  41. 10:27 is just mad because HER children are illiterate.
    I guess that must be from the inbreeding.

  42. brother+sister=10:27

  43. Kind & loving mom + kind & loving dad = mom's kids.

    Awwww, we love you, mom! And your kids sound super bright!

    All of the people here that love you just make the jag-offs like 10:27 jealous! LOL

  44. Isn't mom the one who told that story awhile back about her son and daughter telling her that their piano teacher molested them and then she went and sent out flyers to everyone in her neighborhood telling them?
    I too think mom sounds a bit odd. Her stories are sort of strange.

  45. I adore all the "moms". (Mom, Cali Mom, Eric's Mom). And MPP, Lorenza, Sprak, t.r., ro, lauren, melamonk, paul the intern, anonymous1, maggie, jennifer,vi, jen, Helaine, your supervisor, pissed off housewife and all the many nannies, (NY, UES, Westchester, California and the rest). I love reading all of your comments. Thank you to all who have been here from the get go, those who have been around for awhile and to the new names, too.


  46. Thank you!

    And 5:04...not even close. There was a piano teacher story a while back...but I guess that's how rumors get started...somebody takes a grain of truth and twists it into what they want it to be. My children have not been molested and I have never sent a flier out about anybody.

  47. 10:27
    Are you the ASSHAT who criticized the little girl's poem the other day too?
    It takes a very small and cowardly person to attack children.

  48. marypoppin'pillsApr 14, 2008, 3:01:00 AM

    Wow, thank you JD. You really made my day.

    And we REALLY appreciate you and everything you stand for!


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