Prospect Park in Park Slope, NY

Received Friday, April 18, 2008
nanny sighting logo WITNESSED
One nanny was walking alongside a boy who was riding a ride on toy thingy. The nanny was holding a handheld device thing and punching in numbers or texting. The little boy was around 2 1/2 years old and was wearing a navy hooded sweatshirt that zipped up. He was white and I think his hair was brown and straight. The nanny was walking alongside him and she was wearing khaki colored capris and sandals. The sandals were the kind that don't reveal a lot of foot, her foot was pretty well protected. I mention this because when the child road over her foot, she kicked the ride on toy away from her. It was a pretty hard kick because she moved the front wheel and the boy started to tilt but didn't tip over. He also didn't seem to mind that kick. He was busy on his bike. The nanny went back to her typing on her device. Her eyes were on her device, not him. He then came very close to riding into a stroller being pushed by a white woman with straight, shoulder length blonde hair. The nanny looked up and then grabbed the child by the back of his hood (behind his neck) and dragged him and the bike towards her out of her way. The woman pushing the stroller said, "that's okay, I saw him coming" and the nanny says, "well he needs to learn to watch where he's going". The woman pushing the stroller said, "yes, I supposed we all do". (This went right over the nanny's head). The nanny continued letting the child ride while she typed on her device. Maybe that doesn't sound en total like a huge deal, but the nanny just seemed totally put out by this child. There was no reason she couldn't text on her phone, just give the kid a little something, a smile. A pat on the back, something. The nanny had an accent, so I think she was from the Caribbean. Her hair was very short but she managed to gather it in to a tiny pony tail which was sticking out of the back of a tan colored old navy baseball cap.


Anonymous said...

Nanny sounds kind of she has better things to do than watch a child.

marypoppin'pills said...

Too bad the lady with the stroller didn't run the Nanny over!
I don't think the little boy's bike was big enough.

Anonymous said...

Fired the nanny. she cold and only cares about her damn phone.