The Forever Nanny

Huffington Post 9 Steps to Finding and Keeping Your Forever Nanny
Avoiding Nanny Nightmares: 9 Steps to Finding and Keeping Your Forever Nanny
Hiring a nanny is not unlike marrying a lover without first having the chance to date. But it's easier to get the skinny on a lover because you spend time together. A nanny, on the other hand, is left at the door when you kiss your kids goodbye in the morning. All you can do is hope for the best...... (by Kimberly Brown)


Anonymous said...

Super Advice.

Jenna said...

It is difficult to predict how a nanny will turn out. You HAVE to hope for the best but in the mean time, get a background check and references! You can never be too careful!

Anonymous said...

Re: the keeping your nanny aspect.
.......Running around the house naked .... asking her to wash your "skivvies", no, that wouldn't be my dream job!
A Nanny

Anonymous said...

"Remember even if she becomes 'part of the family' she is still being paid to be there."
That is the most snot-bagged comment ever. Would you expect her to be there for free if she loves your children and really respects your family?
Would you say that of a stay at home mom who doesn't bring any money into the home? She's getting paid to be there. Everyone does their part to help the family function.
Why diminish what a good nanny brings to your family when she becomes part of your family?
My "employer" treats me like a little sister and would never be so snide as to comment about my being paid to be there. She knows that I love them and her child, but I also need money to live. We view my 'pay' more as a 'thank you.'

socal nanny said...

"Would she be here if she weren't paid"

No, she's a nanny. She'd probably be nannying for another family but can you believe our luck? When we hired her, we had no idea she would still be here 5 years later. Yes, she is family and we know just how lucky we are.

Said by my boss to a snide neighbor in response to that very question.

You can't say your nanny is like family when you hire them. You either click or you don't. Honestly, most times you don't. But lucky me- the family I work for are adventurous, kind, compassionate, generous and so much fun!