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Monday, March 3, 2008
Quiz: Do you have what it takes? Could you be a Celebrity Nanny?

Are you a nanny for a celebrity? Here is the application to be on the television show Celebrity Nanny "If you think you have what it takes to star in the new Celebrity Nanny show, drop those diapers and apply online. This is your chance to be a real celebrity. Celebrity Nannies applying MUST already be working for a celebrity and will need to have approval from their celeb bosses to star in the series.”

Random Celebrity Nannies:
David Letterman's Nanny
Geri Halliwell's Nanny
Heidi Klum's army of (3) Nannies and (2) Nannies
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark's Nanny, (in blue denim)
Marcia Cross's Nanny
Patrick Dempsey's Nanny, (in pink, tank sweater)
Claudia Schiffer's Nanny, (in green sweater)
Michelle William's Nanny
Gwyneth Paltrow's Nanny, (in yellow sweater)
Denise Richard's Nanny
Courtney Cox's Nanny
Michael Jackson's Nanny
Marva, former nanny of Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts and currently Sheryl Crow
Will Ferrill's Nanny
Kevin Federline's Nanny

Nannies as Stepmothers (to their former charges):
Robin Williams and wife, Marsha
Ryan Shawhughes, girlfriend of Ethan Hawke, is expecting a baby, his publicist has announced. Ryan Shawhughes met Hawke when she was the nanny to Hawke and his former wife, Uma Thurman.
Joe Piscopo met wife Kimberly when she worked as a nanny to his son, Joey, from his marriage to his first wife, Nancy. Joe and Kim had three children of their own Alexandra, Michael and Olivia before divorcing in 2007.

Nannies as Playthings:
Daisy Wright (Jude Law)
Ozzy Osbourne cheated on his wife Sharon with their children's nanny the night their son Jack was born.


Anonymous said...

Myra's name is not Myra but Marva. Marva Soogrim.

Jane Doe said...

I knew I remembered Julia Roberts thanking Marva and wishing her a happy birthday, but the photo credit said Myra. Thanks for the correction.

Anonymous said...

Check Sheryl's new cd Detours. Marva is credited for vocals on one of the songs. And gets an extra thank you. She must be some nanny.

§mpp§ said...

Really? ... hope she got paid overtime! ☺

Anonymous said...

Once there was a nanny even better than Marva~and Marva is one in a million

§mpp§ said...

Thanks, JD. Love the "extras" ... and am actually impressed that you included a post from a Nanny that was unrelated to childcare issues. (The one getting the BA)

I think widening the scope of your Blog like this, as long as it has to do with Nannies/Childcare in one aspect or another in general, will probably increase traffic flow. You have a lot of 'die-hard' fans, though ... so hopefully they won't mind! I know I won't.


Just wondering ... I love Heidi Klum, but why in the world does she need 2-3 Nannies? ... and just for a day at the park?
She can't handle them by herself? ... or with just ONE Nanny?

erics mom said...

She has the money why not? I am assuming thats what shes thinking. This way one baby to each nanny. She doesn't have to do anything

Anonymous said...

Wow, Did anyone seriously think of that? Like little Ava and Deacon are going to be calling their former nanny mommy.

Anonymous said...

not ava and deacon, I mean those Thurman Hawke kids. My bad.

Anonymous said...

Terrible. I would not have a hot young nanny living in my house. People are only human and all marriages have some real rough patches. Even the best of people can sometimes be tempted. Why even take the chance? Especially after some of the things I have seen certain nannies say on here regarding this issue and their willingness to do whatever to whoever to get ahead,or even to get back at a mom they work for if they don't like her.

Anonymous said...

I would hire a hot nanny in a second - she can have my husband!

Jane Doe said...

Perhaps army was the wrong word to use. :(

In my experience,I have met many mother's who are able to afford the very best things for themselves. If increasing the ratio of nannies to children is a luxury, indulgence or necessity for the child, how wonderful. I've known many a SAHM with a nanny and I never really saw the nanny's presence as a luxury for the mother, so much as it was for the child or children. The more positive, creative and genuinely good people you surround your children with- the better, right? Particularly, when your children are young and so much of their character and personality is being defined.

When dealing with multiples or three or four or five children, it takes a lot of effort to make sure each child has their own thing and has the time and means to explore their individual curiosities and develop their distinct talents. Play is an extremely important in the social and emotional lives of our children. It helps children work through the emotional stages of childhood including developing trust, autonomy, initiative and a sense of competence. Children gain social skills, develop interpersonal relationships, and experiment with various roles in play. Make-believe play, in particular, has been related to increases in cooperation, empathy, impulse control and offers opportunities to develop expressive language, decision-making, and problem solving skills.

When I look back on my many years spent as a nanny to a SAHM, there were so many wonderful things I was able to do with the children I cared for that I never would have been able to do if not for the presence of the children's mother. While I was doing X, she was doing Y. Children in the same household attend different schools on different schedules and having lived it, I know it is often times impossible for one person to handle just the driving.

As for working women caught out with their nannies and children; how can they be judged? Usually they have made time in their day specifically to drop in or be with their child for a part of the day. Likely a half hour they could have taken just for themselves, but they are scampering across town to watch their three year old son bounce on a trampoline in gym class or try his hand at the monkey bars. How admirable!

Anonymous said...

I am a career nanny who has worked for high profile families. Nannies by their very nature are charged to protect the children in their care, and also the family unit as a whole. That includes keeping the privacy of the family sacred. All too often, nannies who work for celebrities go on to write books or find other interesting ways to share tidbits about their former nanny family for a price. It's appalling and degrading to the nanny profession as a whole.

UG said...

seriously? professional nannies writing tell all books about their celebrity families is appalling? not the tons of people calling themselve nannies who neither speak english nor can read a poison control warning? That doesn't bother you? And what about the beating? The shaking? The smacking? The emotional abuse? The negligence? How about that? What about the nannies who ruin families by sleeping with the father's of the children they claim to love. If you love a child, you don't sleep with their father because Mommy isn't going to be happy and that is going to affect the babies. I'd be kind of more concerned about all of the Caribbean nannies who claim to have been teachers and nurses in Jamaica. I'd be kind of concerned even with the nannies found on their knees scrubbing papa's pee stains off the toilet bowl. Isn't that a bit demeaning to the nanny "profession".

ro said...

LMAO, I looked at the first question on the celebrity nanny questionnaire and have to say, rubbing elbows with the rich and famous isn't a perk. It's rarely even pleasant!

Anonymous said...

Then you didn't work for the kind of bitches I know. They see their kids when a photo op presents and only then if the child is perfectly pimped out.

Anonymous said...

Jane Doe,
I enjoyed your post.

t.r. said...

child perfectly pimped out?
bitches you know?

Um, this may not be the blog for you.

I'm just sayin'.

§mpp§ said...

O.k., now I understand where I went wrong ... I thought Heidi had 5 Nannies, and I just thought it was extremely excessive. But she has 3 kids ... 3 Nannies - and I get your reasoning, JD ... one for each kid.

I am absolutely PRO-nanny ... but it's always important for Mom to be as much involved in her childrens life as possible. I know a good Nanny ADDS to a childs life, but when you have a Mother just disperse her duties to one, it takes away from it.

§mpp§ said...

O.k, I see where I went wrong, JD. I thought Heidi had 5 Nannies, and I just thought that was too excessive. But I get your reasoning ... 3 Nannies, 3 Kids .... one for each kid.

Off subject point:
I am definately PRO-Nanny, and when you have a good Nanny, it ADDS to a childs life. But when you have a Mother just disperse her duties to one ... it can take away from it.

§mpp§ said...

I thought I made an error ... didn't mean to post twice.
You must be approving comments, sorry.

Jane Doe said...

Exactly. The most important thing is for your children to feel wanted, and ideally, by their parents!

jill said...

may i ask, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU???

JD- Love your blog. Love the new ideas and graphics.

MPP- Love your comments

And Marva- Good for you, Marva.
You are a celebrity nanny not a celebrity's nanny!

Anonymous said...

How about fathers who ruin families by sleeping with the nanny. After all, they are his own children who are affected, shouldn't he love them at least as much as the nanny does?

Nice post JD.

§mpp§ said...

Thank you, Jill! ☺

JD ... thank you, too - for the new stuff, it's awesome!
You rock!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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harrison, ny said...

Jane Doe's sister was my nanny once upon a time.