Billy Johnson Playground in Central Park, NY

Received Wednesday, December 5, 2007
Warning-Warning-Warning-if you employ a nanny who was wearing a grey and black jacket today that came to mid thigh, and is African American or Jamaican, strongly built and has her hair in a pony tail formed from braids- beware. She was caring for one boy of about 2 years old who was in the sandy area. He was unzipping his green & white nylon jacket, playing with the zipper- up and down, up and down and the nanny approached him, screamed at him and yanked his zipper up with such force that the kid fell backwards. There was a short, stone wall behind him that he conked his head on. I was not in a position to view how hard, but he did start crying at which point the nanny called him a baby numerous times while imploring him to "stop, just knock it off". The day was cold and there were not many children on the playground, but this nanny had to return to her all pressing conversation with another nanny who left her charge (a girl of about four with the biggest blue eyes I ever saw, uncombed hair and a nose dripping green snot) to her own devices. My last comment as a stay at home mom is this, sometimes I take my children out for 20 minutes or so to get some air, even on a cold day. That is a judgment call I make as a mother, but if you are a mother and ordering your nanny to take your child out and keep him out for x number of minutes or hours, then shame, shame on you.


erics mom said...

What a nasty nanny to treat the child that way. Poor kid, it was freezing out today, besides snowing. Sounds like he wasn't even dressed properly for this weather. I took my child out for a fifteen minute walk. But made sure he was bundled gloves, jacket and hat, etc.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope the child is alright. I'd be worried about how hard he hit his head more than anything else.
There are lots of kiddies running around with colds right now, and I wish some parents/caretakers would use common sense ... if they are dripping green snot, please keep them home. I won't have to worry about my son catching it, and I'm sure they'd be a lot happier bundled up and with some hot chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Another bad nanny. Had he hit his head, what was her explanation to the parents?

"I lied in the interview, I don't like you or your kids, and that's why he hit his head?"

"I need a job, and watching a kid is an easy way to make money, so that's why I'm a nanny?"

or this one:

"I lack common sense and the necessary maturity to handle this job."


Anonymous said...

Horrible nanny, poor little boy.
Maybe the girl's mom insisted they go out, or the nanny just wanted to meet her friend. One would assume if she is ill the mom would have discussed whether or not they should go out with her nanny.
I'm all for kids playing outside in the snow, but they need to be bundled up!

Anonymous said...

I see tons of people, both moms and nannies, who take their really ill children out in public. I'm talking hacking coughs and dripping with green snot, as you described. The other day at Starbucks there was a mom (dressed in expensive clothes, 40-ish) with a little girl about 4. It was pouring rain outside, the worst rain storm we have had in a year, and the little girl had *flip flops* on her feet. She was hacking and hacking. Not only did the mom not ask her to cover her mouth, the mom completely ignored her daughter while she chatted and gossiped with her friend. The little girl proceeded to take all the merchandise she could reach off the shelves, and take the drinks and water out of the cooler...she would "build" with them, put some in her MOUTH, etc. She came right up to my table and grabbed my insulated mug by the place where I drink from, which really grossed me out. The mom saw and said NOTHING. I was appalled...if it had been a nanny sighting I definitely would have posted here. At any rate, it just makes me so sad that people are so clueless, selfish, whatever that they don't even take minimal care of their children. The children suffer, of course, and so do we all when they smear their germs all over the place unhindered.

jmarhar said...

It pisses me off when kids are outside and underdressed. The other day I saw a family, mom, dad and 2 year old outside. it was around 50 degrees out and the mom and dad were properly dressed but the two year old was wearing only a diaper and she was barefoot. she had a runny nose and looked sick. geesh. makes me mad

erics mom said...


Wow, unbelievable. If the parents were bundled up, why didn't they bother doing the same for their flesh and blood. Come on they knew it was cold, otherwise they would be walking around with shorts on and flipflops.

Sounds like they were lazy parents that didn't care about their childs wellbeing.

tree said...

I live in MN and the weather is always unpredictable. You always so the parents with coats zipped up and the kids have no coat on or if it is on it is open.

Anonymous said...

Life in most ways is unpredictable, but when you bear the responsibility of having a child, you make sure you are well prepared for those unpredictable situations and make sure you have warm clothing on hand or in the car just in case. No excuses.

marypoppin'pills said...

You touched on a great subject. Who knows if your ever going to get stranded (and God forbid, with your child) ... make sure you keep a couple of bottles of fresh water, non-perishable food, a blanket, and a first aid kit in the trunk of your car.
My son and I were stranded once due to inclement weather, and thank goodness we had a blanket in the back and some water (and of course snacks, my son was still a toddler) ... and I used my cell phone to call my brother who came and rescued us. It's not as dramatic as it seems, but I was still nervous because of the baby.
Food for thought, anyway ... you never know.