Saddle River County Park in Glen Rock, NJ

Received Friday, November 2, 2007
Your nanny has no business working with children. Your child is between 12-18 months (ed) at my best guess. The child needs to learn how to play. You cannot just plop the child in the sand and expect the child to know how to play. Your little girl was eating sand and throwing sand. The nanny who was reading a National Enquirer did not now or did not respond. When the child threw sand, I very nicely alerted the nanny that the little girl was throwing sand and she might want to be worried because the wind could blow it back in her eyes. The nanny wasn't impolite with me. She got up with an "oh boy, what now" sort of motion, which was almost humorous considering she assumed by plopping the little girl in the sand she was done. The nanny went and sat with her in the sand and I did see them playing together or feigning it. It was a good act for three minutes. I was minding my own business when I saw out of the corner of my eye the nanny tell the child not to throw sand. The nanny sounded aggravated and I notices she was rubbing HER eyes. Next thing I saw is the nanny tossing sand in the child's face and telling her that it would hurt if she got sand in her eyes.
Description of nanny: 5'5"-5'7", about 190-210 lbs, wearing tight jeans (hard to sit down), a long Atlanta sweatshirt with a hood and converse tennis shoes. AA, dark features.
Description of child: Very cute little girl with a red mark on one side of her forehead, she wore purple pants, black boots with lacy socks and a black and white plaid jacket. White, with dark curly hair.
Where: Sand area, (Turtle) At the Glen Rock Saddle River Park in NJ.
When: Nov. 2


Confused said...

I don't even know what to say about this one. Children throw sand-it happens quite often. Most kids do it. Yes, the nanny should have told her to stop-but, you are saying the nanny did tell her to stop.

So, umm, what's the point here? the nanny didn't jump up quick enough at your command?

Anonymous said...

That the nanny threw sand in the child's face. Duh.

Sounds to me like nanny has no idea how to deal with child of this age.

Sue Doe-Nim said...

Hey OP you rock!

Right now I'd be making my one phone call from jail.

Throwing sand in a child's face... Grrr.

confused said...

Don't know how I missed that part-yeah, that is wrong.

Meme said...

First of all, your age description is a bit confusing. Do you mean 1.8 MONTHS (which would be 3 months old) , as you put, or do you mean 1.8 YEARS?

Either way, the issue here is that the nanny needs to be watching the baby more closely NOT that the child needs to learn to play better.

Even at 1.8 YEARS, you cannot expect much more proper playground etiquette. Particularly if no one is properly supervising her and so leaving us to also assume that no one has taken the time to interact with her to teach her to play any better.

OP said...

12 months-18 months

Ryan said...

If one agreess that the child must be shown by an adult how to play because the child doesn't know how to play on her own, then one must also agree that the adult must throw sand in the child's face because the child does not understand the concept by herself.


Meme said...

Clearly you have spent no real time with small children, and if you have, I pity them if only for your lack of common sense.

alex said...

this is horrible that the nanny would do that. at that age the baby probably had no idea what do not throw sand means, so the nanny should have just taken the sand out of her hand and then said something like "lets do this" and shown her to make a sandcastle or something. Really there are a lot of things she could have done. She probably didn't want to have to sit in the sandbox with her and a child that young should not sit in the sandbox by themselves unless they know how to play with sand properly. Never should anyone throw sand in a babies face. Chances are if it hurts you, it will hurt them.

Anonymous said...

Here's what could happen.
Nanny throws sand in child's face,
Child closes eyes and rubs eyes with sand still on eyeball.
Result: scratched retina

erics mom said...

This is terrible. No excuse, why would the nanny throw sand in the childs face. Thats not the way you teach a child not to do something.

Anonymous said...

Throwing sand in her face? She could blind the child! What a cruel, useless moron. All that teached is that "nanny threw sand, so I can too" to the poor kid in addition to a kid that age being unable to get the sand out of her eyes....also- what kind of red mark? Birthmark or abuse? I hope this childs parents see this article!

Meme said...

For some reason I just noticed the part about the Nanny throwing the sand in the baby's face. That is ridiculous, so although I am still not sure about many of your comments, Ryan, your earlier one made some sense.

At this age, obviously a child learns only by example. Even if she tried it once on her own, the retaliation by the nanny only serves to reinforce to her that this behavior is okay.

Anonymous said...

you all just take what you hear and run with it. you dont even know if any of this happened
soOo gulliable. this web site sucks ass!

ep said...

and yet you show up EVERY day on EVERY post and add your "insight".

Today's lesson:

Run with that.

I live across the street from a park and if you knew what I had seen over the course of 10 years observing nannies at this park. I could write a book. There are some scary people out there taking care of children. 1:21 sounds like one of them.

mom said...

And yet here you are.
If I didn't enjoy this site, I might not continue to come here.

There are probably better things you can find to do with your time that visit web pages that you think are stupid.

I'm just saying.....

Anonymous said...

some poeple do it to get a rise out of you if you didnt say anything back all loss no gain