The Oddest/Worst Interview Experiences

Saturday, September 15, 2007
Please click here to read the 11 Oddest/Worst Interview Experiences as submitted by ISYN readers.


kelly said...

#1, they got three free babysitting hours out of you. They sound quite cheap.

#2, they should have been upfront with you about the elderly man with Alzheimer's because judging from how soon he approached you, he clearly was not going to keep to himself. It must have been nice though to see the little one lovingly hugging grandpa's knee.

#3, the 'Jamaican' woman who said "I didn't know you were black' sounds like her self esteem is stuck in her rear.

Anonymous said...

I don't think self esteem has anything to do with #3. I read an article in the NYT about how particularly difficult it is for African American parents to find nannies.

# 7 sounds like she was casing the joint. Y' all need to be careful about who you let in to your homes!

Anonymous said...

I don't know I went on three different interviews with the families being black. They didn't hire me. I don't think black families for the most part feel comfortable hiring a white person to watch their kids.

Anonymous said...

#4 I work in Shorewood, are you still a nanny in the area?

Anonymous said...

I work as a nanny for a professional (black) athlete and his wife. I don't know anyone who has a better job.

The thought of a woman recognizing a Jamaican accent and inviting the woman to her house for an interview only for the nanny to express disappointment (?), that is awful.

#6- You couldn't look away?

Anonymous said...

You worked for a black athlete? Was it Terrel Owens? That would be kick @$$!

Kelly said...

#7: Your experience is very scary. The person you interviewed does not sound like a nanny. I think she was a fraud trying to get to know your house, so she could sneak in and steal from you. OMG, Did you FYI your local precinct? Just in case they have this person on file for similar occurences.

#8: They offered you $300 less and hoped that you'd fall in love with their kids, move to a poorhouse, and work 24/7 to make ends meet. They are full of themselves. Just because the kids are nice does not mean you have to forfeit your salary.

#10: Interview nanny's alcoholic boyfriend was a very bad sign. He is probably the kind of boyfriend that shows up to help with the babysitting and ends up ruining the routine due to his lack of good judgement.

kelly said...

#6, I feel bad for the stepmother, and I hope that she leaves the cold hearted excuse for a husband and gets some really good child support and half his estate. She could end up with postpartum depression, or even worse. Maybe first wife 'Kate' left him for constantly comparing her to some previous fling.