Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nanny Creates Brouhaha by Submitting False Sighting... of Grizzly Bears...
A photograph of the alleged sighting of the bears southwest of Aspen appears to be a "hoax," according to Chris Servheen, a grizzly expert with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. (Click here to read the entire article.)

Please send your stories and sightings in!


Anonymous said...

"The family she works for eventually downloaded the image to their computer, learned the story behind the picture and started circulating it among friends."

How do you get NANNY creates brouhaha by submitting false sighting from this?

Anonymous said...

"A nanny for an Aspen family took a bus to the Maroon Bells one day last fall and embarked on a hike. The woman got lost and came across the sow and two cubs, took the picture, got frightened and high-tailed it back to the bus."

Remember the nanny who went home and told her employers that someone tried to buy her baby at the park (California)? The parents then circulated the story but it was the looopy nanny who started it.

Puhlease. Grizzly Bears roaming in that area, obviously that would be something people would pass on- for safety reasons. How sad you blame the parents who were lied to by the nanny with her fake photo.


And PS that is a P S Y C H O thing to do.

Anonymous said...

This is probably a prank gone wrong. Nanny should have told the family that it was all bogus before the whole thing got out of hand.

Anonymous said...

Wait - that buying baby story was fake? I remember seeing a link to the story/article about a man approaching nannies to purchase the babies.

jmt said...

Apparently the nanny didn't want to take the baby to that particular playground for some reason I don't recall, and told the parents it wasn't safe there.