Philippe Park in Clearwater, Florida

Received Monday, June 11, 2007
Great nanny sighting in Clearwater, FloridaI saw these nannies today (6/11) for the second time so I though they were totally worth posting about. She was with another nanny and between the two of them had 4 kids with them. One was named Bryce, another was a blond child whose name I didn't catch, but looked about 2 years old, the third was an Asian child who looked as if he was just learning to walk, and the last was a young boy named Charlie. Each nanny seemed to be in charge of two of the kids. They were so incredibly attentive to these children. The kids were having a great time playing, and the nannies were ensuring that they has a safe an interactive time, the whole two hours they were there. They also made sure the kids had plenty to drink, as well kept on sunscreen and bug spray. I have seen these two nannies before at the Lowry Park Zoo two weeks ago, at that time they actually had two older children with them as well as the 4 younger toddlers. They were so in tune with your children. They interacted so greatly, but I was also amazed at how ell they got your children to behave especially in such large numbers. They were "strict" and always followed through on what they said was going to happen. The one little boy Bryce was being a little unruly and screaming and the nannies were both right there to make sure he behaved himself and they did it in such a great manner, I wish I had the patience that they had. I was also impressed at how well they were able to keep the 6 of them together, never letting anyone stray away. The kids were so happy and just had a great time. We were behind them for probably 40 minutes of their zoo trip, as well as their whole park time today. I have to say I was very tempted to try and steal your nannies. Whoever has these great ladies as employees is extremely lucky and I wish more of us could have the luck you have had in finding such great people. Hold on to your nannies they are something special.

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Anonymous said...

I loved hearing this good sighting! I am a nanny and it hurts me to always see negative sighting up here! Thanks for sharing!