Friday, June 22, 2007

We need your nanny sightings and stories!
Please send them in.
Photo by Nguyen-Anh Le, Chicago, Il
Photo by Nguyen-Anh Le

If you are a parent in the NJ or Philadelphia area who has been alerted to your nanny's performance by a post on I SAW YOUR NANNY and would consent to a television interview with an area news station, please email Jane at your earliest convenience.

Angelina Jolie Slammed by Ex Nannies for Kid Control
Angelina Jolie's ex nannies claim her kids aren't Allowed to have friends as she is worried about privacy. A cover story has sourced some of what is reportedly some of the ex nannies of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and they are ready to spill out the secrets of the Brangelina children. (Read More)

BabySitter Saves Self and Four Children from Burning Home
A Fire breaks out in a Posey County home with a babysitter and four kids inside. The babysitter was able to get all the kids out of the house safety. Crews say the fire started in the dryer. (Watch Video)


Anonymous said...

So in one-1 week period, we have two seperate occassions of babysitters saving children in fires and one occassion where a couple of whoring drunk moms leave their children alone to die in a fire while they are out cavorting at a bar?

I saw your nanny, indeed.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome picture! It makes me wish I was 10 yrs. old again! What is that ... some kind of water tower? I've never seen such a thing.

Anonymous said...

Angelina needs to wake up and realize the benefits that physical contact such as carrying have for those kids... especially Shiloh. What nanny wouldn't pick up a child if she was crying in public? Now that would come on this site as a "bad nanny" and that nanny would be chastised all over this board. Sick. And all because a star said not to pick up the kids.

Team Chicago said...

The Crown Fountain is in Millenium Park in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

super ... TY team chicago!

Housewife said...

What A.J. is doing is the same as every other celebrity parent.

Sorry guys, I'm actually on her side here.

Can you imagine? The brother tongue'ing, blood wearing, tattooed, homewrecking, baby collecting, free speech impinging diva is being defended by me.

Who'a thunk it?

The celeb parents I know have done the same thing. I think it's smart.

Anonymous said...

OMG! A beautiful photograph just went missing from this site. The sprinkler photograph by Yiannis Psaroudis. Great photos. Keep it up JD.

Jared Hochel, Brooklyn Heights said...

206- Are you the one who complained? As a photographer, I would love my work to appear periodically on this blog. And my name. And a link to my other work and website. And I have thick skin, so I could tolerate the occasional snide remark.If you are interestes, you can email me at

Anonymous said...

Hey Jared, I am not the one who complained. Actually, I am the one who got attacked by Heather for saying that I found the photo to be "remotely alarming" (meaning, there is nothing alarming about it, it is great). I did not download it because I don't like downloading without permission from the photographer. I have nothing against photographers. Some of my good friends are photographers. That photograph is a great work of art. Sorry to dissapoint you, but you just may not be able to attack me because I am on your side :)

ro said...

what is the problem? The photographer got credit. And to use "remotely alarming" to suggest that you did not find the photo remotely alarming is just so backwards.

The phrase is, "I don't find the photo even remotely alarming."

You started the whole thing with your inability to write proper English. Deal with that. All of a sudden you are tracing the source of photos and verifying Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs licensing? You sound a bit nuts. Seriously. If anyone ever found one of my photos on the net and linked to it (as that photo was linked because I clicked on it and looked at the artist's other picture) I would be quite pleased?

So, who are you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ro,
Thank you for correcting my English. I genuinly liked the photo and meant to say that "I don't find the photo even remotely alarming" if that is the best way to put t. Jeez, what is your problem? What's up with "All of a sudden you are tracing the source of photos and verifying Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs licensing?". You are rambling on and on and on. You are very mean spirited. Must I get permission from you to post my opinion? You really suck big time you whore. Get a hobby, bitch.

Anonymous said...

When I signed on to AOL on Thursday, I saw your nanny was one of the top news stories. I do commercial vehicle and travel photography. If you ever want to use any pictures and link to my body of work, please do. For a sample, please email
PS I am in San Diego.

ro said...

You are so out of your mind.
As in "your meds"

PS You kiss your mother with that mouth?

And this is an amazing photo!

ro said...

Okay, I dont usually say PS.
Thanks 955 in San Diego!

Anonymous said...

This site rocks! Tons of bitter people, fake psychiatrists, mother kissers, projectors, art lovers, judgemental bitches, aunt mommies, and mean spirited whores. All you jerks need to get a life.

Anonymous said...

you forgot "hapless self promoters"


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, "hapless self promoters" too! Good night :)