Sunday, May 20, 2007

What is it with men and their children’s nannies? Last week we heard how Robert Hastings, 31, had dumped his wife Claire, 36, for Amy Hillier, the 19-year-old nanny the couple had employed to look after their three small daughters. The Hastings marriage was going through a rocky patch – the couple had been together for 12 years and had recently come back to England from Australia, where Hastings’s business had gone belly-up...Read Beware of The Nanny.

Anna Corral started selling her breast milk because she needed the extra cash. Because she produces twice the milk her baby needs, Corral says her freezer is filled with sterile bags of it.By selling her milk for $1.50 an ounce online, the former nanny from Milwaukee made $500 in a month and a half...
Read Buying Human Milk Online Comes With Dangers.

Human Trafficking
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allyce lyons said...

Beware of the Nanny, Indeed!

Anonymous said...

Robin Willimas left his wife for his nanny

Anonymous said...

Jude Law had an affair with his children's nanny.

Anonymous said...

A married man 3 doors down from our house tried to have an affair with my nanny.

Anonymous said...

Why does your title not read: What is with Nannies and their male employers?

Sounds a little sexist, it was not all the mans fault you know.

SD said...

are you reaching?
the whole point of the story was "Beware of the nanny
It is a strange fact of life that most women, no matter how high-achieving, beautiful or intelligent, have, at the back of their minds, a worm of anxiety about their nanny and her effect on their husband".
Take it up with the Time Online.
Submit your story idea with them
Put on your PC cape and fly over the pond and save them the same way you save us everyday.