Strawberry on Madison Avenue in NYC

Received Friday, May 25, 2007
Great Nannies Sighted at Strawberry in NYCWall to wall strollers today at Strawberry in NYC on Madison. Nearly twilight-zonish as the nannies spoke to each other and to their charges. Nannies browsing aisles looking for clothes while teasing, playing, joking and smiling at their content charges. Not a single child was unattended. There was no crying or fussing. No stern looks. Temperature was about 86 outside with high humidity, pretty unbearable. If your nanny was one of the nannies in Strawberry today, I think you are pretty lucky. While it isn't rare to sing a great nanny out and about, it is somewhat rare to see a gathering of nannies all talking in such soothing and cooing voices to their children. Some parked carriages while they held and patted the children on the backs. Really made me happy to see.


Anonymous said...

Finally, nannies who can multi-task successfully. Glad to know I am not the only one!

Anonymous said...

I hate to invoke the power of the almighty Cesar Milan, but it is true. The power of the pack. That store had some great nannies in there (Yes as an employer, I don't care if my nanny takes my child shopping with her, dd doesn't walk and what else is there to do on a rainy/snowy/too hot day?). I have Cesar Milan work with dogs at dog parks. Perhaps he could work with nannies, too. The nanny whisperer. And to all of you great nannies out there, pause for a second and realize that because you are so awesome at your job and loving to your child, that you are positively impacting nannies around you. You are "modeling" for them.

justine said...

Thanks for pointing out that there are nannies who can incorporate personal errands with childcare.
I work from my home and there are days I hope that my nanny has personal errands to run just so she and my 3 year old will be out.

fg said...

I agree

Anonymous said...

I love Cesar Milan!
What is Strawberry?

jmt said...

Strawberry is a women's clothing and accessory store all over NYC.

Cesar Milan rules! Amazing how much of his dog training works on people. lol.
Look on for the episode of South Park with the Dog Whisperer. After Mrs. Cartman goes through all the Nanny 911 ladies AND SuperNanny, she calls the only hope left - Cesar Milan.
He uses his TSSST noise and ignoring techniques on the horrible Eric Cartman. SO FUNNY.

Anonymous said...

all I found was this:

jmt said...

All I could find was this:
You get an idea of how funny, but they didn't even get to the best parts. The episode's name is "TSST". See if you can rent it or wait till it comes on Comedy Central. Someone had the entire episode posted, but apparently had to take it down.