Greenlake Park Play Area in Seattle, WA

Received Saturday, May 19, 2007
This happened on 5-17-2007.
Nanny: older black woman, unable to place accent (East African?)
Kids: 2 6-month old babies. One girl (Isabelle or Isabella) and one boy. They were being pushed on the swings. The boy clearly did not like it and was hanging on for dear life, very scared and crying. He was very small and sliding down in the seat. Nanny pushing swings hard enough that once or twice, several of us onlookers said "he's going to fall out". We also said "he doesn't like that". Nanny ignored us. Actions showed that she thought she needed to toughen him up. Mentioned that he doesn't drink his milk but the girl does. I stepped in front of the boy's swing (stopping her from pushing it more) and offered my blanket to the Nanny so at least she could tuck him in so he wouldn't fall out. She got a blanket from double-stroller and tucked around him. He was safer but still not happy. She eventually left with both babies.
Perhaps this tough-love style of Nannying is same as the parents' style; I don't know. Pretty disturbing to watch. I probably should've done more but not sure what. Would not tolerate someone treating my own baby in such a way.


Anonymous said...

for sure she is a terrible nanny just for pushing a child. why did you not call the cops and have them arrest her. any more to report. any nannies reading to their charges, feeding babies, singing songs????????????????

jmt said...

This nanny is nuts! N-U-T-Z
Trying to toughen up a six-month-old child? Thinking there is something wrong or bad because he doesn't drink his milk like his sister? Pushing a screaming infant in a swing? So ignorant!
Hope the parents see this.

Yaya said...

I think you did a good job by intervening and offering the blanket. How sad :(

Anonymous said...

Good Job at saying/doing something! That is more than what more of the "reporters" on this site do.

Anonymous said...

Well you can't save the world..

Cheesepower said...

That's sad. 1:35- only a moron would keep pushing a crying, scared infant on a swing.

Anonymous said...

10:27 PM
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