Flint Park in Larchmont, NY

Received Saturday, May 12, 2007
Great Nanny Sighting in Larchmont, NY This occurred Thursday, 5/10 at 11:30am. This is a good post about two nannies I saw at Flint Park. Both AA one heavy set, pretty, with long wavy hair wearing black stretchy pants and white tank top with black long sleeve shirt over, the other medium build, short hair with a teal green top and black pants. They had 3 children with them one small girl about 18 months or so with brown curly hair and wearing a cute blue and white dress the other children were older (4-5) one a boy with a red t-shirt and black shorts the other a girl wearing a pink shirt and greenish pants.These nannies were running around on the climbing structure with the kids playing a tag type game and the kids were having a great time with them,constantly laughing.And the two of them were talkative and pleasant with people around them as well.I am a nanny, l and see so many so-so caregivers but these two were outstanding. I notice how few good posts are on this site and just wanted to show that some of us are the good ones and do love and care well for the children in our charge.


Anonymous said...

Nice post. I hope the parents see it.

Toronto Mama said...

Thanks for sharing your positive sighting!!

Anonymous said...

12:31 PM
even if they don't im sure they know what great nannies they have

fg said...

good stuff!