Children's Museum in Richmond, Virginia

Received Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Great Nanny Sighting in Richmond, VirginiaThis is a wonderful nanny sighting. It has been awhile since I have seen this nanny, but I have seen her off and on at the Children's Museum, Maymont, the Playroom and several other 'child friendly' places around Richmond. I have spoken to her a few times and she is very friendly. She used to frequently travel with another nanny (who is also very attentive and cares for a girl of about 4-5), but the other girl was not present at this particular sighting.
I last saw the first nanny about 3 weeks ago. She is a white female, with tanned skin, in her early/mid twenties. Very pretty girl- a little heavyset, with brown hair and striking blue eyes. She was caring for 3 children- one boy of about 7, brown short hair, blue eyes wearing camo shorts and a white t-shirt; a 6 year old girl (Glory?) with pink pants and a white top; and a girl toddler no older than 2 with blonde hair, whom she called Bella. They were dancing around the children's museum and having a ball together. The nanny took them to story time and afterwards helped the children act out the story they had just heard, it was priceless!
I think she may also nanny a little boy of about 2-3 named Tom or Tuck or something with a T, but I have not seen her with this boy in awhile. I do not see very many nannies out and about in Richmond, so it is great to see nannies that enjoy spending time and interacting with their charges. As a mom, I wish I had found this girl before someone else did. I have actually offered her a job, and I think she thought I was joking, but I would love to have her. If this is your nanny, you are a lucky family. She is definitely a steal. Watch your back! :)


Anonymous said...

She does sound like such a great nanny. Thanks for sharing your sighting. But please don't poach other people's nannies, no matter how tempting.

Anonymous said...

'sup with 2 Virginia postings in 2 days?

Anonymous said...

Re; poaching
There is nothing wrong with approaching a great nanny. Her family may be planning to move, or the children will be starting school. I once exchanged numbers with a mom I met in the playground incase I became available in the future. A year later, I started working for her.
Most great nannies are able to pick and choose, and are therefore happy in their jobs. They will not be lured away from a family they love by a poacher.
UES Nanny