Starbucks in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Received Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Huh?I saw a nanny in Brooklyn Heights on Montague Street in front of Starbucks yesterday. She was very caring and nice to the child she was charged with. "Steven you are such a good boy," she said. Little Steven was very calm and well behaved with her. That was until a woman, clearly the child's mother, came around. He started crying and hiding from the woman. Then she began to scream, "Steven you little horror! Be nice to Mommy or I'll smack you." I looked over and saw a tear forming in the nanny's eye.

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nynanny said...

i'm confused?! the child was crying about the nanny or the mom? did the nanny start tearing up because of the way the boy acted towards her or because the mom was so mean? please elaborate!

Anonymous said...

gut tells me this story is bs.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty clear, 9:23. The mom is a louse!

Anonymous said...

I'm not confused: the child was crying about the mom. Clearly a case where the nanny is the important one in the child's life.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing there is a reason the "smile face" says "HUH".

Annie said...

I hate it when I read post after post on this site with commenters who claim that they think a good nanny posting is bogus.

That being said, I totally think this is bogus, or if not entirely false, at least totally exaggerated. The tear in the nanny's eye? The "Be nice to Mommy or I'll smack you"?

Kids play parents off each other and parents off their caregivers & visa versa. There have been plenty of times when the children I've cared for have clung to me and acted like their parents are monsters who they want nothing to do with. They're doing it because it's a power play, or sometimes punishment, but not because their mom & dad are anything less than great parents.

IF this little scene actually happened a lot more was probably going on than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

Come on OP.....you know this post is bogus, otherwise you would have added a description of the parties plus the "a tear forming in the nanny's eye" Mmmmmm

Anonymous said...

I agree, this is bogus. Some people need a new hobby. Go do some volunteer work, posting jokes on this site is childish.
A nanny

Anonymous said...

Please. This is not bogus. Just because in your little perfect mommy world the child seems to prefer the mom(although from what I see the moms here are a bunch of whiny complainers) doesn't it mean it isn't true.

Grow up. Some moms needed to get their tubes tied before they accidentally got preggo.

Anonymous said...

Well see 830, if you are OP- you have just revealed your true intentions for posting.

Are you anti-mommy? What DID your mother do to you to cause you to be such a miserable human being?

Anonymous said...

First they came for the nannies and I didn't say anything because I wasn't a nanny.

Then they came for the mommies and I didn't say anything because I wasn't a mommy.

Then they came for me.

Check yourselves before you wreck yourselves.