Reminder-Drop in on your daycare providers

Received Monday, April 9, 2007
I am writing to make parents that use 'in home providers' aware that you need to know what type of care your kids are in, just as much as if you were to hire a nanny. there is a home in my neighborhood, that provides such "care" if you can call it that. during the summer, the woman is outside all day long, washing her car, weeding her garden, planting flowers, mowing her lawn. During the school year she has a 5 year old boy that walks himself to the bus stop for kindergarten, I would bet that his parents think he is being taken to the bus stop, but the woman doesn't even WATCH OUT THE WINDOW! He walked right out in front of my car one day crossing the street! I looked around trying to figure out who he was with, and he was all alone! How SAD! Just an eye opener, if you pay an in home provider, consider dropping by from time to time unannounced, you may learn something!


emily said...

I know lots of people who have children in daycare and won't do this because they think it would be insulting to the daycare provider. Can you imagine? Like they think they might ruin their relationship with the daycare if they exercise their right to pop in!

Anonymous said...

Um, why don't you get off your rear end and tell the parents?

Anonymous said...

I have a part-time home daycare and I have a drop in anytime policy.
Any childcare situation should be as such. Corporate daycare, home daycare, nanny, sitter, etc.
Your post is unfairly biased against home daycares.

Anonymous said...

i think you should post a blog about what you saw. you can stay anonymous. just describe what you saw so the parent knows!!!!!!!!!!!
sounds so dangerous!

lauren said...

JD is the Queen of dropping in & doubling back. These are your children. Leave no stone unturned.

Anonymous said...

I don't normally get involved with such conversations, however I am an in home licensed childcare provider in the state of MD. First of all if your neighbor is licensed in your state I should think,... if you are considering yourself so responsible and concerned that you might make an anonymous complaint to the states licensing authority. If she's not then perhaps you might consider calling the police for child endangerment. What I find so offensive is that just because some providers are HORRIBLE, does not mean that all providers are!!!!! I have a very open relationship with all of the parents of children in my care and encourage them to "pop in" or come and spend time with us if they have time available, so they can see how their children are spending their day and are more involved in raising their children. I do agree that there are provders licensed and unlicensed that are more concerned with things other than being responsible for your children, however it is the parents responsibility to make sure they placed them with the right provider, not worrying about hurting the providers feeling. If at any point you do not feel you can approach your childcare provider, nanny, grandmother, whoever,...YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT PERSON RAISING YOUR CHILD!!!