FYE at Edgewater Commons in Edgewater, NJ

Received Monday, April 2, 2007
Nanny: 5'2"-5'4", 140-160 lbs, brown wavy hair, maroon cloth headband, olive skin, light eyes. At one point nanny was shopping in the CW section and had a Tim McGraw CD in her hand, but nanny left without buying anything. Her music taste might help identify her as your nanny. She was wearing converse old style tennis shoes and had a Lt weight, brown athletic jacket on with fila written on it.
Child: 2-3 yrs. old, medium build, carrying small doll with yarn style hair. Child had dark, straight hair, brown eyes, fair skin. She was wearing a mint colored jacket that had other colors in a pattern on the front in a diamond shaped pattern.
What happened: Nanny was trying to look for Cd's and child was being whiny and wanted to be picked up. Nanny used her hand to push child away (the same way I push my dog away so she doesn't jump up). The nanny did this repeatedly. The little girl had red cheeks like she might have been sick. The nanny was very focused on her CD needs and was very rude to the little girl. The little girl followed her up and down the aisle. While some sitters have to call out for the kids they are watching, this nanny seemed annoyed that the child was too close to her. And I have to repeat, she could have been as young as 2. The child really looked like she needed to be picked up. If I had to guess, she was running a fever. But nanny did not care! I didn't say anything to the nanny but I did look at her with an expression on my face that I hope conveyed "what is wrong with you". This may be one reason why nanny left the store without making a purchase.
Where: At FYE in Edgewater Commons in NJ.
When: Between 12:30-1:00 today.


Anonymous said...

It seems like some people take jobs as nannies b/c they think they can just live their normal lives with a child in tow, and get paid for it. So sad! A nanny shouldn't be CD shopping on her employer's time, OR ignoring her charge.

You know, day care has its downsides, but at least they have a curriculum and you know your kid isn't watching inappropriate TV, being dangerously ignored at a playground, or pushed down like a dog during a shopping expedition. These nannies *must* present themselves well; how else would they have gotten a job? I'm sure their employers have NO clue how their kids are really being treated.

Although, parents, I think a red flag would be if your child does NOT seem particularly attached to the caregiver. If you have a good nanny, your child will come to adore her and will consider her part of the family. If your child doesn't do this after nanny has been with you for a while, you might stop and consider WHY. Children are hard-wired to attach to those who care for them, and only pretty extreme neglect will disrupt this process.

It's so sad when people tasked with caring for children treat the job so carelessly! And, a real shame for all the GOOD caregivers out there, that people might not trust them b/c of all the schmucks like the nanny described in this post.

Anonymous said...

Part of being a nanny is checking on the child throughout the day. Running errands with the kids is fine, yet if they appear to be flushed or sick, there is a reason. Whatever you need to do can wait until you get home from work. The children are your first priority, you, as a nanny, come second.

lynne said...

I am a nanny and there are times I have run errands on my boss's time with her children in my care. Never ever if they were sick. And you can bet if I took them to a CD store and they wanted to be carried, I would certainly schlep them around the whole store! I would also take them to the music sampling stations to let them hear some different (appropriate) music. My responsibility is absolutely the children before anything. I don't do housekeeping at all. You can bet that if I want to stop at a CD store, I ask the child/children I have with me. (The youngest is 4).

What I think is so interesting about this blog is that there are things being reported that good nannies could easily get away with. It is all about how you relate to and treat the child. Shoving a child away who wants to be picked up is never okay!

Even if the parent has asked you to stop carrying her, then you make eye contact with the child and remind the child!

Some of these nannies need to be locked up. But I know a lot of super nannies. Probably because where I work, the parents don't put up with "these types".

Anonymous said...

I am tired of reading these reports of bad nannies. Why do these people take jobs working with children? Another reason to build the fence on the Mexican Border and kick out every illegal. Then all these pathetic exuses for childcare workers can tend the field, pick the fruits and mow the lawns!

Anonymous said...

10:49, don't know why I bother, but just a thought: someone is HIRING these illegal workers. It's supply and demand. If people continue to hire them, they will come over the highest fence - there is so much poverty in Mexico that people are willing to risk their lives for the chance at a better life. However, if U.S. CITIZENS refused to hire illegal immigrants, there would be no reason for them to come here, and they wouldn't. I think your anger is misdirected, anyway...I live in Southern CA, most nannies I know are of Mexican descent (most are legal, though) and I have *never* encountered a nanny like the ones posted about on this site. I don't have a Mexican nanny but have hired (legal) first-generation Mexican immigrants before and they are typically sweet, respectful, hardworking people - that is a huge generalization, of course, but I just want to point out that I don't think most of the nannies on here are Mexican!! If you want to be racist or xenophobic, at least get your race and country of origin correct! (And it seems most of the nannies mentioned here are good old AMERICANS.)

Anonymous said...

1049. Take your biased opinion and leave. This is not a political site to spout your hatred. This is a site for reporting nannies. Not all nannies are from Mexico, and not all Mexican nannies are bad. Coming here to spread your hatred makes you sound bitter. Be grateful you were born in the US, and be gratful for the fact that you have many rights and privilages that women from other countries may not be entitled to. People like you make me feel bad about the future of our country, because it will be your children holding everyone else back with their racist thoughts. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, you know.

I'm not saying I agree with giving anyone who enters our country illegally all of our rights, but if they intergrate and lead better lives here than their homeland can provide, good for them, become an American. No one should be denied that right unless they are guilty of horrible crimes.

Please, get some help for your anger. Just so you know, I am not Mexican myself, but the daughter of European immegrants who sought a better life in America.

1049 said...

Anon at 1049 here and I am back.
To clarify.
I meant that if all the migrant workers were sealed off from working here illegally, then persons currently working as nannies in the capacity demonstrated on this board could fill the field labor work because these people not only arent' qualified to work with children, they don't seem to want to!

With regard to Latin American caregivers, my experience is that they are among the most loving, but generally not the brightest.
What I see on this board is a whole lot of nannies with no love in their hearts!

Anonymous said...

"Here's your one chance, Fancy. Don't let me down."
-Reba McEntire

jmt said...

Very well put, 11:30 PM.

Anonymous said...

the lowest blow of all-
having someone estimate your poundage. What if they are off say twenty pounds or more but not in your favor, even if they give a range and it begins ten or twnety pounds over what you really weigh? Or even if they're right on target that would be so humiliating. If I was a nanny I'd be so perfect so I would never ever have to be written about on here with a guesstimate on my weight.

Anonymous said...

she sounds like someone out of a nightmare to me. poor kid. some people should really evaluate what their job is.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is not simply employers hiring illegal immigrants, but hiring off the books. As a U. S. born citizen I find it difficult to find jobs with employers who are willing to pay on the books. I am competing for jobs not only with illegals, but with nannies who are legal to work, but willing to work off the books. It is exploitive, because the employers are not paying anything into the nanny's S.S., and she is not covered by workman's comp. or unemployment insurance. If there were a crack down on these law breaking employers, it would eliminate a lot of the bad nannies, and hopefully attract more women to the nanny field who will truly love the job.
A nanny

Anonymous said...

You need to report those employers who pay off the books.

Anonymous said...

11:30: you make some great points.
10:49: no need to clarify the fact that you are racist.

Kaia said...

I used to be a nanny, (I do home daycare now) and I always insisted on being payed on the books, with taxes and social security coming out. Some families I interviewed with actually told me that they would prefer not to do it that way because it was "too much of a hassle for them."
It is indeed true that part of the responsibility should fall on these parents who are hiring nannies off the books. It undermines the importance and the validity of the profession.
And I also agree that 10:49 is racist. She should not be a parent. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to you that some of these people you say are nannies may very well be the child's parent? I've been mistaken as a nanny to my daughter who is extremely faired skinned, with light brown hair and blond highlights and light eyes. I'm dark Hispanic and sometimes confused for mulato or light skinned black. But, anyway, if it were me witnessing a so called "nanny" wronging a child, I'd follow her out, take her license plate number and post it on this site. Sweet revenge.

Anonymous said...

2 things-
1) if you are a mom and you get on this site as a bad nanny sighting, what is the worst that happens? You are still recognized for being a bad caregiver, although in America that is apparently your right to mistreat your own child.

2) Isn't mulatto a bad word?

Anonymous said...
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a regular said...

Anonymous said...
You anti-immigration people are the dumbest people in the country. I bet not a single one of you speak Spanish. Ustedes no saben nada acera de algo. I bet not a single one of you have personally seen the crushing poverty these people come from. Guess what anti-immigration morons, there isn't a line to get into to "legally" immigrate here unless you have an advanced degree. Do some research before spouting off about your ignorant uninformed hatred. By the way if you've grown up in this country with all of the advantages we have, yet haven't developed any skills, and thus are competing with illegal immigrants for jobs I have no sympathy for you.

3:48 AM

And normally I wouldn't do this for someone who doesn't know how to pick a moniker, but I really thought the other posters should see your comment. Good luck!

ces said...

Just what we don't need-
more POOR, uneducated people with their HANDS out. Unable to give back anything. More gimmee gimmees.

Not only do I say, build the wall, I say, let me know where I can donate my time and $$ to erecting the biggest ass motherfucking steel, brick and wire wall that has ever been built.

Vatos locos forever.

Anonymous said...

I have a great nanny. She adores my kids. My kids adore her. She has a hard job as a live in. My kids are now tweens and teens. I hired her for her ability to love and be reasonably organized. She spoke only spanish, and yes she is legal. I am encouraging her to go to school to learn english, so that she has a stable future. My children have benefited from her language, as they are bilingual and this helps them to respect other cultures, relate to others.