Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Probe of Nanny Agencies Finds Widespread Abuses
Parents and nannies should beware of unscrupulous, unethical, and unlawful nanny agencies, a City Council member said yesterday after releasing the findings from a more than two-month investigation into agency practices. (Click here to continue reading the New York Sun article by Grace Rauh)

Police Release Composite Of 'Baby Buyer'
LOS ANGELES, CA (CBS) -- Police have released a composite drawing of a heavyset man who is wanted for asking two nannies in an Encino park if they would sell the babies for which they were caring. (Click here to continue reading article)

Could You Be America's Next Childcare Expert?
Ricochet Television is creating their next parenting phenomenon. Following the sensation of SUPERNANNY on ABC, the production company that created the show is now looking for America's next child care expert to host and star on a brand new television show.
Casting producers are searching the country this spring to find a dynamic, caring and credentialed person to carry the series due out this year. Are you a male nanny, a teacher, a doctor, a child psychologist or another type of viable family specialist? If so you could be the person chosen for this major opportunity.
Childcare experts and people with a background in family issue resolution who are interested in hosting the show should CLICK HERE or call 888/7-CASTING. Potential candidates should fill out their application and submit it along with a five-minute video introducing them, and showing them working in their element by May 1st.


sd said...

what is your story? Perhaps you should apply!

jmt said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I'm no expert. How about the awesome South African nanny from a post a while back? What was her name? She is the one who talked to someone else's son and told him how to behave when his mother wouldn't. She had the cojones to do what is right in a really professional way. I'd watch that.

Anonymous said...

Well Jeez, thank Goodness this would be baby napper appeared in California. I get the feeling that if said man approached some of these Park Slope nannies with a fistful of cash, they would nod their head in unabated glee and hand off the child they seem to so loathe.

Anonymous said...


I choked on my sparkling water.

A sense of humor is key, especially since I'm in the thick of Park Slope.

Anonymous said...

The Encino Baby Snatcher is a hoax. The nanny had decided that the playground was too dangerous for her charge so she made the story up. Talk about not being able to be honest with your employers!

Anonymous said...

yeah i saw that on yesterdays- or i guess last night's post. My question- does that nanny get fired?
Does her name get entered in to a database? she sounds like a nightmare you wouldnt want to pass on to another family!

DGS (a father) said...

I could tell you the names of about 7 agencies in the tri state area that parents SHOULD NEVER USE.

Be very careful!

Take their word for NOTHING.

Get copies of everything they say they have done. Background checks, references, driver's lisc, school references, application, letters of reference. Verify the nanny's previous addresses.

A great nanny is tough to come by. When you get hold of one, hold on tight. Don't sweat the small stuff that comes up.