Employer in Fort Lupton, Colorado

Received Friday, March 9, 2007
Just before Christmas 2006, I started watching two children from a family that lives right around the corner from me. I received full payment in December, but have yet to receive a dime for January. Through the entire month of January, the mom kept telling me she'd pay me xx amount at such and such time. Then her husband signed up through something at work - they would take money out of paycheck and pay me through that, and was told that I would be paid in full on February 15 for all January and the amount owed to me in February. I signed this paper over two week ago, and still haven't received payment. I emailed the mom yesterday to ask her once again if she knew when I would be paid. I have not heard anything from her as of yet, and am really not expecting a response.

I am now printing up all the email communications I've had with her in the last month and am heading up to the court-house today to file a small claims against them. I have been unable to take on another highly-interested family because of this (I had a feeling all along that I would need to take it to court). I truly wish it didn't have to go this far, but I'm out of options and way out of patience.
- Frustrated in Colorado


sprak said...

People who do not pursue monies owed to them are doing themselves and others a great disservice. Firstly, it's nice to get what is due you and secondly, it puts those who are in the habit of cheating others out of money that on notice that they WILL BE PAYING. If everyone pushed for their refunds, rebates, and other amounts due them that are often made difficult to get by unscrupulous people, it wouldn't be so easy for the swindlers to take advantage of the masses. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

I worked for a very wealthy single father once. My checks were always bouncing. I left with him still owing me 1200 dollars and why? With all the blow he was putting up his nose, I didn't want to be in anyway involved!

jmt said...

Isn't there a separate agency that deals with unpaid wages? Small claims might not be the venue for this. But there may be a case for the loss of the opportunity of that other job you couldn't take because of the current employer. Any lawyers out there with the answer?
I'm not litigious, but I believe people should be made whole again when they are wronged, and never give up wages that you have worked for.
Go get 'em.

Anonymous said...

I get paid on Friday. And if I didn't get paid, I would stand on the doorstep until I get paid.

You just can't trust people!
Even though, sadly they were able to trust you!

jj said...

Sometimes "wealthy" is part on by the Delusions of Grandeur one suffers when coked up and out.

Yes, in many places WEALTH is just an illusion. Don't get burned!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, I hope you are able to collect. On your next job, make sure you are paid weekly!
A nanny

jmt said...

True 6:06!
Why not stop working the moment you don't get a check? It's their problem to scramble for a sitter to replace you, not your responsibility. No money, no work. This is business. And you don't keep giving your services away for free in the hopes that they'll pay you...someday. Boundaries, boundaries.

Pintella kid said...

I'd never let anyone walk on a $1200 tab. The coke-head deadbeat daddy shouldn't get to have his cake and eat it too. You were wrong to let this slide.