Starbucks at 111th & Broadway in NY, NY

Received Saturday, February 3, 2007
"You're every bit as stupid as your father. Jeezus"
Said by a 30-35 yo w/f wearing red Rutgers sweatshirt & blue jeans.
To a 4-6 yo w/m wearing north face red/grey jacket. grey ski cap.
At approximately 10:30 AM 2/3/07 at Starbucks on 111th & Bway.
I imagine this was the mother, but stop and think about these horrible things that come out of your mouth! As awful as that statement was- the look on that boy's (your son's?) face was- well I am still thinking about it 3 hours later!


Meg said...

To get a sense of how awful this is, google "parental alienation syndrome".

This is emotionally abusive.

Anytime you talk badly about someone that your child loves; especially if you are doing so just because you are angry at that person-
whether it is a mother in law or aunt, nanny or teacher- this is determental to the child's sense of self.

Anonymous said...

OMG! That is awful!! I can't believe how many times I hear people say crap like that to their children. An aquaintance of mine talks like that to her niece and nephew. Her excuse is that is how their parents talk to them, and no wonder they are naughty!

I have told my MIL not to say mean things when joking around with my son. He's only three, and I don't need ANYONE telling him he is being a brat, or that he is being a piggy when he eats. (He can be naughty, but he is not a brat. His manners are impecable most of the time. Also, he is severly underweight, so the piggy comment makes me livid. I need him to eat, and don't need him to think it is bad to clean his plate.)

I hope the little boy in the post has someone in his life that praises him, like maybe dad!!

Anonymous said...

That is truly emotional abuse. That poor child.

ht said...

really awful & like a double edge sword. Insults the child and at the same time someone the child loves. Repeating things like this again and again would cause the child to distance him or herself from the person being called stupid.

if this mom is married to the husband, the child is no doubt used to this kind of toxic behavior.

if this mom is going thru a divorce, op would be a good witness in court against the mom.

Children need their fathers. For more information, contact

Anonymous said...

I know this guy whose mother is verbally abusive to his father. He's now verbally abusive to women and has low self esteem.

I wish people would think before they speak!

Anonymous said...

Yes, quite often a child will grow up to treat his spouse as did his or her mom and dad.

Anonymous said...

Oh whatever - sounds like just another observation on genetics. Maybe she said it to reassure herself of who the father is. Stupid father - stupid kid. The kid should learn to take a joke.