Manhattan Bound F Train in Brooklyn

Received Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Another Great Nanny Sighting-Manhattab Bound F Train in BrooklynThis morning I was on the Manhattan bound F train in Brooklyn feeling grouchy as can be about returning to work. The time was around 9:35am. My mood quickly changed when I spied 3 beautiful blonde brothers with sky high cheek bones, ages (I'm guessing) 7, 5 and maybe 2 1/2. The youngest was in a grayish Maclaren stroller. The boys all looked very European, but they did not have any sort of accent. I believe at least 2 of them were wearing some sort of camoflauge clothing. Their caregiver is a Black woman who appeared to be in her 50s. Again, I did not detect any foreign accent. I think she was wearing a beige coat. Anyway, this woman put a smile on my face a mile wide. Everything about her screamed "good egg." Her voice was kind and caring, she used positive reinforcement, she was clearly concerned with safety without sounding like an alarmist and she made excellent eye contact when speaking to each child, something that I don't see many nannies
do with their charges. That nanny really had a good vibe. I'm hoping the
parents see this post.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear! Thanks for the details too! I hope the parents do read this!

maggie said...

That thumbs up drives me crazy. Whose hand is it anyway? ARGH!!

jmt said...

It looks like something out of "The Groove is in the Heart" video. Dig.