Fun for Kids on Main Street in Stamford, CT

Received Thursday, February 8, 2007
I was off to the child watching my daughter in the soft play area. She was playing with a little boy who had on a blue l/s shirt with orange cuffs and jeans, straight blond hair, tan skin. The little boy went from being fun and nice to getting rough. I look around for the child's mother. Guardian. Nanny. There seems to be no one. I have to approach the play tunnel and speak to the boy through the encasing and ask him to be less rough. I was still looking for his parent. The child told me I was "not the boss of him". I cajoled my daughter to renter the play area and play off in a different direction. This boy could not have been more than 4. My daughter is 3. About ten minutes later the child's nanny comes and checks on him. She is with another child. The nanny is African American, mid twenties, under 5'5" with a nondescript figure. The child she has with her is between 7 and 10. Also African American, bright eyes, short fro, Giants sweatshirt, jeans, grey new balance tennis shoes. The two of them may have been related but clearly (by their discussion) had come from the arcade area. Which is not located at all near or insight of this place and is in fact in another level all together! I hate to be a fear monger, but do you know what could happen to your child in 10-15 minutes left alone? I do appreciate that these indoor play areas are set up with children's safety in mind, but the nanny was clearly not doing her job. If she were not with the boy who I feared was her own child, I would have said something to her about the lack of supervision provided the little boy.


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I agree wholeheartedly with the insightful comments of the above posters. Thank you both for taking the time to write in.