What ever happened to Tessy?

What ever happened to Tessy? Do you remember the nanny whose employer found her blog? Then the employer attacked her in the NY Times Op Ed section?
I don't know. She was finishing Graduate School last we heard. But for anyone who missed this New York Nanny Saga, (from July 2005) it is an interesting read. Unfortunately, Tess has since deleted her infamous blog and all that remains are a thousand references to it's splendor. -JD


PH said...

OMG. I was just thinking about this! Someone somewhere must have a copy of her blog writings. She was a talented writer with a sharp wit!
I cannot believe they let that piece of crap run on the NY Times (by her boss).

Anonymous said...

Tess was the BEST!

Anonymous said... maybe?

Anonymous said...

I hate the pretension with which the op ed article was written.

Annie said...

For the record, the piece ran in the Modern Love column which appears in the Styles section--not the Op Ed page.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Annie is correct. Modern Love. But it was still completely inexcusable that the editors of the NY Times let that piece of slander pepper the pages of the times. It was hideous!

PS Tess has moved on to much bigger and better things!