In the Mail (Sunday, January 14, 2007)

"Give your nanny a break" from Kelly
I was just wondering why is it that Martin L. King Day, the Celebration of a great black man Birthday, isn't an official holiday for all nannies. Am sure a lot of people get the day off. Most you nannies must have experienced this before where both parents are off on a holiday and yet they still want you to come in. Any holiday as a matter of fact whether it be MLK Day or Vetrans Day or even Memorial Day.
It really upsets me too see this type of situation. I have a nanny and the rule of the house is once am home she doesn't have to come. What's the big deal with giving your nanny some time off. Am sure in some cases, your nanny works very hard spending more than 9 hrs a day, 5 days a week taking care of your children. Be a little generous. Be nice to your nanny and who knows the rate of nanny negligance; lack of proper care and attention, may vanish.

Noelle From Philly
That's a great blog you have going. It's good to know that people are taking children's welfare and safety into account.
Anyway, in one of the October blogs apparently someone spotted a nanny in the Burger King on Frankford Avenue. I live here. I lived here my entire life. Unless that was a complete fluke, and the nanny was travelling there's no way a dang nanny would be there. We're lower middle class here. Anyone coming from here could not afford a nanny. Plus if the lady seemed gruff that's about how most people here are. There's always an edge to people in this part of Philly. Those kids probably did not even take notice that lady was "gruff".
Just wanted to share that with you guys. I actually started laughing when I saw that location. There are two BK's on Frankford Avenue and both are in declining neighborhoods. The people with careers high tailed it out of these parts. Good lookout though. I like this blog.

RS from New York
I have a problem with a nanny that I have been having play dates with since November. The nanny has been at her position for just under 3 months. I am a nanny and we have one child in a common classroom. The nanny in casual conversation finds ways to turn any complaint about her employer or her job into a anti-semetic rant. I'll be honest, I don't like this nanny. She just rubs me the wrong way. I deal with her as little as possible and when she makes comments, I do express my disgust but as that has done little to cessate her rants, I do wonder if her anti semetic feelings are in some way being felt by the two children in her care (both of whom are under 6). I think these remarks are born more of ignorance than they are of hate, but even so is there a way to bring these remarks to the attention of her employer without causing further controversy or conflict? Advice?

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hh said...

"Kelly" sounds a lot like a nanny who is mad she has to work on MLK!

Anonymous said...

Regarding working on MLK day or not. When you accept a nanny job, you accept hours, days off and vacation time. If your employer previously told you that you would have MLK day off and now you don't, you have a right to be angry. If you are a nanny and you are supposed to work on MLK day, then you have no right to bitch and moan about it! Do your job! My nanny will be working, even though I have the day off from work. Just as my nanny gets time off when I travel to take care of her personal errands (etc), this is one of about three days I get all year. If you are an employer, I definitely believe in treating your nanny well and not having her work "just because she is being paid". Any chance I can give my nanny time off, I do! But not tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

anti semetic? yes tell her straight out. I don't think I would want someone like that in my home. And I'm not Jewish!

MLK Day. Not relevant, I have to work and I need my nanny to work.

Philadelphia? I have never been there. I imagine it was probably someone's cousin or sister watching the child.

Anonymous said...


? said...

Amen to WHAT????

Anonymous said...

"be a little generous"

oh my!

last one is a tough call! GL!

Anonymous said...

I just have to agree with the first person- Kelly does not sound like an employer but an employee. Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

re:Kelly - Anyone who takes a job anywhere should contract beforehand what and how many days off you get. Once you agree to it, that's it. Good boundaries make good work relations. If a nice employer wants to then give nanny extra days off that's great. But no one should make a deal and then cry about it. That goes equally for employers!

Anonymous said...

re RS: Vote with your feet. You told her to stop, she doesn't, then leave and find something else to do for the rest of the playdate. I'd also tell my employer why the playdate was cut short. Let her tell the other mom. Racism is learned. Kids don't come up with that crap by themselves, they learn it from the grownups around them. Don't tolerate it at all.

Esme said...

I think nannies should have whatever days the parents have off. That's how it goes in my home. I love spending time with my kids.

Anonymous said...

Re: antisemitic remarks. If I understand correctly, the family the nanny works for is Jewish, and she is making these remarks when complaining about her job. I think you are right to be concerned about how this will affect her charges. This is a tough one. I would talk to my employer, maybe she could tell the mom that her nanny (you) doesn't want to have play dates with her nanny because of some prejudiced remarks she has made. Then the mom can talk to you, if she wants to look into it.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect the Philly chamber of commerce to give you the key to the city anytime soon! :)