Thursday, December 14, 2006

My nanny experience. I have only had two full time nannies. One was good; the second was great. She was the nanny from the time my youngest was 2 until he was 6. He is now 8. I also have a 10 year old. Now that they are all in school full time, I have a college student that helps after school with the children. She is good but fortunately our old nanny is still in our lives.
My previous nanny is now married with a seventeen month old child of her own. We are fortunate that she has remained close to us and we consider her to be like family. My own family lives in California and my husband is from London. On those rare occasions my husband and I travel without the children, the children stay with our former nanny. This is a treat for them and affords me incredible peace of mind. This summer our former nanny came and spent a week with us with her child at our summer house.
I can't imagine what my life would have been like without her. And to all of you who seem content to settle for less at your children's expense; I am ever so sad for your children. The best thing for a child is to be raised by his own parents, if you have to work or you choose to work, you owe it to your children to leave them in the very best hands you can find!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You were so lucky to find such a wonderful person and she must have thought the same of you to keep in touch. In my opinion most employers dont take the time to really get to know the person like you did. You are very lucky to find someone so compapable.

Smarty Pants Jen said...

We have the best relationship with our nanny. She comes in twice a week to take care of our son. Being able to stay home is very rewarding, and it's sad not every mom can. I think a lot of mom's out there would quit their jobs in a heartbeat and stay home if not for monetary reasons. And there are some who really do enjoy working. I sometimes think their kids are the luckiest. To work for the passion their jobs bring to them shows children enthusiasm and allows them a mom who feels furfilled. Happy mom = Happy children.
And yes, if they choose to work or have to, then never settle for good enough. I did work full time from when my son was 3mo to 8mo. My mom and mother-in-law watched him (I did insist on paying them).
I could never have left him with someone I did not have complete trust in. This site is great, and the point that coming here may mean you don't trust your nanny is not lost on me. I would hope to never see any neg on my nanny here. I really doubt she could ever be. But not everyone is fortunate enough. Parenting oneself is ideal, but not reality for everyone. Some of the things I've read here have reinforced my opinions. So parents, please do make sure you know who your child is with.

Anonymous said...

you are so lucki..

Anonymous said...

you are so lucky