Santa Barbara, California

Received Friday, December 15, 2006
It was a sweet sight. She had 3 children with her, all of them under 2 or 3, although I think at least one of them had to be hers because I think I heard one say "Ma". She was pulling a wagon, one of those that have an extra extention to hold 3 kids, but only one was in the wagon, another was "helping" her pull the wagon, and the youngest (maybe 8-9 months old?) was being held. She wasn't irritated by the fact that they weren't all in the wagon, she made the best of it. She seemed happy to be around the children and you could tell the children felt that she wanted to be there. She kept talking to them all, telling them how funny they were and how nice it was to take a walk. I wish I would have stopped and talked to her, because good child care is so hard to find. I am going to the community garden on the Westside of town everyday next week in hopes that I find her. You should be so lucky to find someone who seems to be so in to your kids!

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