Holiday Bonuses 2006 Part 1

Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Thank you to all of you who have responded to our survey thus far. If you have not, but would like to participate; please email us with this information.
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Holiday Bonuses

Position:Full-time Nanny
Bonus: $1200 (after tax)
Your Weekly Salary: after tax about $800
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: 5 days paid time off (not part of my 2 weeks vacation- just a nice surprise)
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: March '06
City, State and Country: San Francisco, CA

Position: Full-time Nanny
Bonus: None
Your Weekly Salary: No response
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: None
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family:3 months
City, State and Country: San Francisco, CA
"I have been working for 1 family in SF for 3 months. I didn't get any bonus. Not even a Christmas gift. They said, they very lucky to have me and the baby loves me very much.
I was so shocked !!!, I didn't get anything. I'm trying to look for another job. I just wanna share w/ you about my problem. Thank you !!."

Position: Nanny
Bonus: See below
Your Weekly Salary: No response
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: None
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family:Not long
City, State and Country: North Austin
"I live in North Austin. I received full weeks pay for two weeks when I only worked three days of each. I felt this was fair due to not have been working for them a long time."

Position: Nanny
Bonus: $300
Your Weekly Salary: $440
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: None
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 16 months
City, State and Country: No response
"I was a nanny for a family from Aug. 05 until Dec. 11 of this year. They gave me a $300 bonus even though they knew I was leaving. I thought this was fair considering I was leaving. I was being paid $11/hour at 40 hours a week."

Position: Full-time Nanny for three children
Bonus: None
Your Weekly Salary: $300
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: Candle from the Dollar Store
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 3 years
City, State and Country: Sacramento, CA
"My Christmas bonus was a candle and nothing else. It really sucked considering I gave all 5 of them nice Christmas gifts and they gave me a candle from dollar tree. I'm from Sacramento ca and I have been with this family for 3 years. I make $300 a week for them they have 3 children. I work from 7 am to 8PM".

Position: Nanny
Bonus: None
Your Weekly Salary: $1000 per week on the books (take home around $750) (corrected 12/28 10:18 AM-JD)
Any Supplementary Gifts aside from The Bonus: $250 gift card to family owned spa
Length of Time you Have worked for the Family: 8 months
City, State and Country: No response
"Bonus? What's that? I worked for my last family for 2 1/2 years and never received a bonus from them while every other nanny I know received in the $500 range. I have been working for a billionaire family for the past 8 months. I am on salary for 50 hours and consistently work 70+ hours per week with no further compensation. I work late without notice, I work last minute weekend hours. During this time I have figured I would be getting one great holiday bonus....well, the holidays came, and I got a $250 gift card to the spa that they own. They own the place! It cost them nothing! Not to mention that I will never use this gift certificate because every time I have to go to this spa for work purposes (drop something off, etc.) I feel completely out of place among the millionaires in their Armani suites waiting to get Botox....ugh! That was their last chance...I'm looking for a new job!"

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Anonymous said...

Where do I start? Are there no candles between the $1 range and $300 range? Do candles really cost $300? Why do some of these nannies put up with this? Taking good care (as most nannies do) of someone's children should earn you a place of respect! How could you give your nanny nothing?

hh said...

I disagree. I think this survey shows the more generous behavior of people who do appreciate the people who care for their children. Not every nanny even has the Internet. There are lots of nannies who work hard everyday for 12 years cleaning and taking care of the children and get nothing. We won't see them on here because they have been working too hard for the family for the past 12 years and the technology wave passed them by. If you are a good nanny and you get a crappy bonus, you need to move on. Seriously. There are people out there who will treat you with the respect you deserve. I think alot of people featured here found those people. And also, maybe people who got shafted with their bonuses are less likely to respond. Some of the people who did respond must be happy and proud that they work for good people! There are good families and great nannies! There are great families and good nannies. And there are crappy nannies and crappy families.

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing, as I just came upon this due to a google keyword alert, but as someone who has had one nanny so far that we've been happy to have leave, even she got gifts when leaving. That said she wasn't doing most of her other duties, yet still getting paid as though she were. But in reality, regardless of the technology, remember that even some of the people employing the nannies get shafted for bonuses. So while some of you work for billionairs, not all employers are. And some of your bonuses sound a bit better than my own (which we don't hear about or get paid for another couple months still)

Anonymous said...

astounding. so many variables.

Anonymous said...

that is a lot of info to read through. not a complaint. I just think it is sensory overload for so many people who I look forward to reading the comments of!

PS I took my son to the park today and there was only one nanny in the park. Fortunately for nannies, parents and children; I think a lot of nannies get this time off and the parents have this time with their children!

trish said...

after working for a family for 2 years, they take one day's sick pay out of YOUR BONUS? WTF? I hope for your sake that you took a helluva lotta sick days!

BE said...

I am guessing that the bonuses are misrepresented here because most nannies (percentage wise) are minorities. Even in cases where a minority nanny has been providing loyal service to a family for ten years taking care of their home and children-they never receive the same credit that the "white" nannies seem to get. Which is so unfair. I think the families don't even mean to be so prejudice. But I have seen it first hand among my own friends who employ nannies of various backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

I have one comment for the nanny who claims she works for a Billionaire family but lists her salary at $300 a week. Where do you live? In NY, an illegal immigrant off the boat can pull in an easy $500 if she speaks three words of English and that is working for your average family!

I think you had too much eggnog. Either that or you wouldn't recognize a billionaire if he took a crap on your head.

Anonymous said...

okay, I am the nanny for the billionaires, and the $300 salary was an error, I never said what my salary was, Jane Doe just put that in there. I actually make $1000 per week on the books (take home around $750). I contractually agreed to 50-55 hours per week for that salary. I live/work in Rochester, NY. I am white. I am not an immigrant. Any other questions?

Jane Doe said...

All apologies.
It certainly wasn't intentional and has been corrected.

Anonymous said...

to poster 11:56 your routine is old.Come up with something new would you! You area real downer for the rest of us!! This whole"you wouldn't know.....if it took a crap on your head "shows your lack of class and over abundance of ignorance!You post the same thing on every blog! Go away!!!!

Anonymous said...

i find it astonishing as a parent that has occasional help with our 2 young kids that so many of these girls EXPECT a gift. I have had too many jobs to count in my life (i am 41) and RARELY have been given a holiday gift or bonus. Yes, this is taking care of peoples' children, but as most of us know, most people do not deserve to have children. I read some truly touching comments from these girls and have to say, that yes, it would be nice for each and every person to have a gift (of course cash is always nice) at the holiday time, but to EXPECT it is a horrible attitude. your blog will help me to take a closer look at whom I allow to watch our kids. Mr. W.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. W"? I do declare! You sound rather pompous! When you have a great nanny working for you and you entrust the lives of your child or baby to that nanny, this doesn't compare to any other job that you or might have had! I too think it is wrong for anyone to expect a gift but it is repugnant to imagine those employers that don't gift their nannies! If your nanny isn't worth a great gift and a great bonus, your children deserve better!

Anonymous said...

well said previous poster! your kids are the most important thing in your life, don't you want your nanny or occasional babysitter to feel like you appreciate them? i am a full time nanny and don't expect a bonus, but i have exceded my employers expectations and it would be nice to be recognized for that. and by the way, it's pretty standard to give your nanny a bonus, to not do so implies that you don't like the work she has been doing or you don't appreciate her! with so many bad things going on in the world today, isn't it nice to know your children are loved and well taken care of?

Anonymous said...

I am a black West Indian nanny who has been in the business for aprox. 20 yrs. I absolutely love my job, and have done some courses in childcare, am CPR certified, and also a driver. After looking around I realized that even though I come with excellent long term refs., most employers wanted to pay between $600-$650 (per week). So I took my refs., and certificates and headed to one of the city's most prestigeous agencies and got signed up. I'm now placed in a job which is paying $85,000 per year. I look after 1 child (no housework), and work 10 hours per day. After 6 months on the job, I was given a holiday bonus of a week's pay. I was very happy, since it wasn't $600.
For the parents who can afford to pay, they should. We are looking after your most prized possessions, and if we're not happy, how can you expect us to make your child happy?
I'm VERY happy, and can't wait to get to work each day.
I also have no problems doing a little extra if the housekeeper is out sick. (she's also a very happy woman).
*I have come across so many women who are scared of asking for more money, or just don't think that they are capable of making more.

Anonymous said...

Mr W:
if more nannies were like me, you'd have to stay home and watch your own child.
FYI..when I go on an interview, I think I have the right to also decide if I want to work for the person who is sitting across from me (and I've turned down many).
There are lot of people who think that nannies and housekeepers should be treated like second class citizens, WRONG!

Even if I didn't get a bonus on my job, that would not stop me from extending it to the people who have given me great service throughout the year. It just would not feel right.
I look at a child as very precious, and if I should ever be blessed with another, you bet that caregiver would be well compensated.
I thank God for my own employer who appreciates the work that I do. She will continue to get 110%.

Anonymous said...

I WISH I could find a great nanny to spoil. I have interviewed so many horrible people that I would give all the Gucci bags in Saks and AMEX gift cards in the world to find one decent, kind, loving woman to help me with my kids. I was lucky ONCE in the five years since needing a nanny, and she had to move overseas to care for her ailing mother. If I weren't a widow with two kids, I swear I would just quit my job.

HealthScience said...

Wow...This blog makes me feel better! I worked as a part-time nanny for a wealthy family for 4 years. I never called in sicked or used all my vacation days. I graduated with a bachelors degree this month. I wanted to do the right thing and give them a four week notice when I quit. It turns out they decided to go on a ski trip during my last week. They asked me to watch their dog during my last week and I did not get a paycheck or a bonus. It is hurtful because I always bought their children birthday and christmas gifts. She bragged that her busband got a $200,000 bonus and I got nothing!!!! It is not only about the money. I just want some appreciation and positive feedback for treating her children like they were my own. Fortunately I babysit for other wonderful families who show me how much they appreciate me.

I would consider using my degree in health science to nanny for the right family again. In the meantime I will just begin looking for a job that does not include such an emotional attachment.

Employer #288 said...

to all the nannies who got screwed, use the "email this" button at the bottom of the post and send this post anonymously to your boss. Your boss's boss. Your boss's neighbord. I guarantee you if you are good at what you do, other people know this. And everywhere there are good nannies, there are desperate employers laying in wait for someone to make a move!
Signed, an employer who would would move mountains for the right nanny!

Anonymous said...

Mr. W, the fact that you refer to nannies as "girls" is a good indication of your disrespectful attitude. You have rarely received gifts from employers. Did you buy gifts for their children? All the nannies I know buy gifts for their charges. You have rarely received a bonus, so you don't think you should give one. If you don't receive tips in your job do you not tip waiters and cab drivers? All jobs are not the same!

Anonymous said...

All the working mothers and fathers, expect a good bonus from their 9 to 5 bosses, so what makes you think the nanny should not expect a bonus. It just goes to show how one sided the child care business is.

TxNanny said...

To the widow 12:48

Have you tried working through a really good agency? I am a nanny who found a wonderful family to work for through an equally wonderful agency. (IMO) A good agency should support both the family and the nanny and act as a moderator when questions and disputes may arise. A good agency should be personal, preferably interviewing you in your own home, to get a feel for your personality and your family's needs.

Also, make a list (as detailed as possible) of what your Dream Nanny would be like. Include personality, education, duties, experience, religion if it affects your kids, activities you hope she would do with your kids, whether you would like her to do any housework, whether you want her to live in, or live out, etc. Be specific. You are more likely to find what you know you are looking for!
Good luck!
Nanny in Austin

Anonymous said...

Wow… I see a bunch of greedy entitled nannies. Just because you’re employed by a family – does not mean that family can pay you a $500 bonus. Get real. A lot of families are struggling just to make your salary.

Anonymous said...

Wow… I see a bunch of greedy entitled nannies. Just because you’re employed by a family – does not mean that family can pay you a $500 bonus. Get real. A lot of families are struggling just to make your salary.

corrie said...

To those parents that are shocked that we expect a bonus. Saying that while on your job you haven't always gotten a bonus. Well, a nanny job is a service job! (Meaning, that it is just like a waiter, cleaning lady,pizza delivery, baggage handler, driver.) Anyone who brings you a service should get a tip. About 2-4 years ago the B.J.'s store Christmas catalog included a guide for tipping. They recomended a nanny should recieve a bonus in the amount equal to one weeks pay! Now that is an average tip. Some may deserve more, some less. Just because you do not work in the service industry does not mean that I am not entitled to a tip/bonus. Send your kid to day care if you don't want to tip! Wait! (Even a daycare provider sould be tipped!) So, stay at home with your kiddos if you cannot afford to tip!