SpeedZone on Castleton in LA

Received Wednesday, November 1, 2006
I was at the Speedzone early Tuesday evenning/late afternoon with my son. A very small boy of about three or four was wandering around for some time before his cargiver came and found him. When the caregiver found him, she scolded him and brought him back to where she was observing his older brother. Ten minutes later, the little boy (blue striped shirt and blue jeans) was at my side and the caregiver was nowhere to be found. The child was hovering at my leg when the caregiver returned five minutes later. She was hispanic, mid forties, medium build, medium height, with redish, brown hair and a discernable accent. I can certainly appreciate trying to watch multiple children in such a busy arena, however that child was too lone to be let out of the caregiver's sight.

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Anonymous said...

There was a parent at the mall last year who let her five year old out of her sight for less time and during that time he climbed on a railing and did a header three floors down. He did not make it out okay. Watch your children. Watch your charges!