Flint Park in Larchmont, New York

Received Sunday, November 5, 2006
Saturday was a beautiful day in New York and marred by the threatening words of one African American nanny who was angry that the child kept calling to her to come and watch her. The child was only about three but each time the child excitedly asked for the nanny to come watch her the nanny made a big display of rolling her eyes and dragging herself across the playground. Out of place was this comment, "maybe if your parents spanked you, you wouldn't need so much attention".

The nanny wore a blue Adidas nylon jacket with white stripes and the child had reddish curly hair, brown eyes, a white sweater and cream colored pants.
PS I know some nannies work six days a week, but this is one reason not to assign your child care provider a six day a week schedule. Perhaps this nanny is overtired?


Anonymous said...

Even if the nanny is overtired and working six days a week there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON at all that she should be acting this way or saying such things.

There is no excuse at all for this behavious.

Anonymous said...

i am a nanny and if i thought that the work schedule was too much for me i would have a discussion w/the parents. as a professional i know what my limitations are and even if at first i feel confidant in handling a situation as time progresses and i see that things are not working out it is my responsibility to the family AND myself to find a solution to the issue at hand.
i would hope that a suitable arrangement could be made but if not it would be in the best interest of both parties to dissolve their contract since over time resentment and dissatisfaction on both sides would only continue to grow and worsen.
in the end what matters most is what is best for the child. if as the nanny you think it is more important to keep this job at all costs then this is not the right career for you anyway and if as a parent you would rather keep a mediocre caregiver than have to search for a new on (yes i realize it is expensive and time consuming) then shame on you! you are responsible for providing your child w/a safe AND loving environment to grow in.

this having been said i know that this may not be a factor in this exact blog but is just a general response in regards to issues of being overworked in this career field.