These are unlikely Nannies

Nanny has become the catchphrase for any person hired to take care of your children. I have noticed this out in the real world LONG before I observed it on here. Let me break it down to you, it is unlikely you would have any of these listed problems with a professional nanny. There would be no argument with regard to whether or not it was okay to leave your child with a nanny who spoke no English because, a nanny who does not speak English is not a nanny. (She is a sitter and a very poor choice for a sitter at that). A professional nanny speaks English. A professional nanny is very often educated and always has previous nanny experience. Professional nannies drive and swim and tutor and dance and bake and travel with the children they take care of. They do not launder their bosses drawers or scrub their bosses toilets. A professional nanny is never, ever a housekeeper. I know many nannies who have college degrees, I know a nanny who is teaching her charge how to play the guitar, another nanny who is the only person in the home who is capable of assisting the child with his algebra homework. It isn't so much that they are being called nannies here. It bothers me that they call themselves nannies and that their bosses dare to suggest what they have hired is a nanny when in fact often she is nothing more than a glorified housekeeper. One thing, I always notice about professional nannies- they seem to really love their job and working with children. If you take the time and expend the money to hire a professional, legal nanny- you will not have these problems that I have seen on these pages. It is time for the good and great nannies to unionize and kick to the curb our lesser esteemed colleagues; those who drag us down with their angry faces and lazy ways.


Anonymous said...

As a professional woman who has had a professional nanny in my employ for the past 6 years, I totally agree. Professional Nannies are in short supply. Anytime someone meets my nanny for the first time, they want to know where they could find somoene like her. Even though they have the money to pay for a top notch candidate, they are truly the gems of the childcare industry!

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My grandmum was a Nanny such as you described. Before her death several years ago, she would regale us grandchildren with hilarious stories of the hijinks her charges regularly got up to. The one thing that remains eminently clear about her stories, is that they were indeed always about the children. She had no gossip to share regarding her employers, the only housekeeping she ever did was in her own home, and on the day of her funeral, 8 of the 12 children she had nannied for in her earlier days, came to pay their respects. The other four, having heard of her death "through the grapevine" sent cards, flowers and regrets that having moved out of the country, they were unable to attend. This, I believe, is the mark of a truly great Nanny.

Theresa said...

We who employ nannie under any guise know who the "real nannies" are. I know my nanny wouldn't qualify. I stay home so it doesn't matter as much. I like the person who works for me but she could never hold a candle to some of the real nannies out there. The real nannies out there- I know who they are. They are at times so good at what they do, I feel ashamed at my lack of patience or energy!

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The saga of the nannies, both good and bad will be written by the children they raise.

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If only the world could understand the differences between

Professional Nanny

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You get what you pay for....

Nanny and Professional Nanny are two different things!

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To learn about the different types of in home childcare, visit

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How true!
This site should be called-
I Saw your "Illegal Babysitter"

It's the media who has helped to confuse the public.
They run articles and say Nanny in one Paragraph and Babysitter or Au Pair in another- even though they are referring to the same person.

Please also add:
Professional Career Nanny to that list too. Many "NANNIES" have succesful careers that last years and years!

So many people are not even aware that there are MANY nanny organizations!

If you know of a nanny who could use a little more education- please have them visit these sites:

There are also many nanny support groups to:

Parents also need to be more educated about the nanny profession and make their nannies uphold higher standards.

If you are a parent and want to educate yourself regarding the nanny profession, please visit these websites:

Thank you!
Happy Professional Career Nanny

Anonymous said...

Please add:
Professional Career Nanny to that list as well.

The media is largely to blame for confusing the public-
In many articles or news stories-
they interchange the words- "Nanny", "Babysitter", "Au Pair"- all while referring to the same person.

If you employee someone to care for your children, I urge you to help educate her.

Pass these websites onto her-

If you are a family employing a nanny help educate yourself by visiting these websites:

There are also Nanny Support Groups in almost every state-

Here are a few:

New York, New Jersey, CT


Washington, DC / Maryland

Anonymous said...

While I hesitate to make it a financial issue, you get what you pay for. Bad nannies in the news are never ever "upscale nannies" and you are remiss if you think nannies don't have a class system of their own. I know nannies who don't associate with nannies, because they are so removed from that "element".

Anonymous said...

i have a question for theresa. you feel that because you are home, the quality of your nanny doesn't really matter? and if you are at home, why do you have a nanny? is she there full time or part time? what are her duties?

Theresa said...

Am I following above poster around on every blog I visit? Sure feels like it. Do you post under the name FA on other blogs? Yes, I am a stay at home Mom. But she is like a coworker and I am her constant supervisor. I tell her what to do and am there to make sure things are done right. She is a good person, don't get me wrong. I hired her through an agency as a "nanny" but compared to what I consider a "nanny" she is more like a "mother's helper".
PS What business is it of yours WHY I have a nanny?

Anonymous said...

Great'd be nice to have posts about great nannies. I realize the point of this site is to out bad "nannies" but it'd still be

Anonymous said...

I'd love a great Nanny. I can appreciate the merits of this post.

However, a great Nanny makes the SAME salary as I make.

And that stark reality is the reason why people hire pseudo-nannies. Does that make them terrible parents? No. That makes them doing what they can do within their means.

Anonymous said...

if you can't afford to leave an appropriate tip, Don't go out to dinner. If you can't afford to carry on YSL bag, you don't go to Market Street and buy a fake. These psuedo nannies are nothing more than frauds. Defective and dangerous. If you can't afford a nanny, find a good daycare program.

Anonymous said...

Yep. And if you can't afford that, then is your so-called "career" really more important than the first 2 years of your child's life?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much fot the original Post! I am a professional Nanny. I am educated and love my job. I take care of 4 infants..a 2 year old, her twin sisters(1 yr.olds) and a 3 month old. The fifth child is due in the Spring! I love these children. We walk to the park, we read, play and bake! I work a 10 hour day with these loves! I bathe them, feed them ,clothe them and teach them.When I ran out of space in my car, I purchased a car that would allow me to travel with all of the kids. When an evening nanny was hired to help out for a while on Fridays ,during the day, she complained that the kids would not nap for her. I told her they need to get outside..the fresh air is great for them. Her reply" that's too much work"! I told my boss, I'll give up the help before working with the likes of her! A true nanny will work hard to keep her charges happy & healthy. Yes a quad stroller and 4 carseats can be a lot of work..even a pain in the butt..but a trip to the park and smiling faces is what a nanny lives for!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if all of those children are in the same family, and if they are more power to u, but if not, don't you think that's a bit much? Either way, I think more then 4 infants is pushing it and no matter how great the nanny is, the ratio of child to caregiver does take a toll on the care given to each individual child. I mean you should really get some help there with all those kids! But keep up the good work:)

Anonymous said...

The children are siblings and I have to disagree with is all about quality NOT quantity. Do you beleive the same about a mom that has 4 babies. a 2yr old ,set of 1 yr old twins and a 6 month old? Do you truly beleive that that mom is unable to provide the same love and care or for that matter as you suggest"quality " love and care for all of her children? No argument that she will have her hands full but I feel that your statement,while well meaning" is reflective of what society tells us is acceptable. Quality not quantity!!!

Rachel said...

4 Infants!!! GOD BLESS YOU!! I mean it!! What a rewarding day!!! A lot of work and I'm sure you sleep like a log at the end of the day! You give me hope though. I am a Nanny for a 16 month old with a newborn due in 4 months and just found out that I am 1 month pregnant myself. I am hoping that my boss lets me stay at work when my baby arrives. I love my job and starting in this field by taking on triplets!!! I am worried about the size of my car, but I can't afford a bigger one. I hope that my boss is understanding about my own pregnancy and Thank you (all of you Professional Nannies) for being a wonderful Nanny!!!

happy girl said...

pierrepont mom find time to take a pic of nanny while neglecting her three daughter not good at all i am happy the nanies took a pic of her hope to see her on neglectful parent .com

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