Gunnel Oval Playground, Kearney, NJ

Received Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Date: 10/10/06
Involved: Nanny, older, maybe 50 with frizzyish, orange hair, long red "jacket/top", blue jeans and hi top tennis shoes. Boys, 1 wearing Mets Jersey, brown curly hair & blue eyes, Second boy wearing a green rugby styled shirt with "dockers" style pants and straighter hair that was slightly reddish. The boys may or may not have been brothers. As they were getting ready to leave the park, the older one (maybe 10) whacked the back of the younger one's head (I could hear the audible thump). The younger boy was maybe 7 or 8. This wasn't funny at all but the nanny started laughing hysterically. The littler boy didn't hit back. He made eye contact with me like a sad puppy. I could tell this was the caregiver because of the interaction.

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Something so small but I cannot even picture it!