ISYN The Rants - To the Full of Herself, Posing SAHM

Location: Dinosaur Playground
Date: 7/4/2015 11AM
Description of Mother: White woman, 5'1-5'4", 100-120 lbs, Shoulder length hair slicked in to a very tight pony tail, secured with one small silver clasp, Stella mcCartney Jeans, black .Balenciago Loafers and black sweatshirt with "I love you" written in script.
Description of the nanny: Korean, 5'0-5'3", 90-105 lbs, bra strap length black hair in a braid, wearing grey and white striped shirt, grey jeans, white KED tennis shoes.
Description of Child: White, boy between 12-16 months, very round head, bright blue eyes, straight hair, wearing a blue sweater with a red, white and blue whale on it,, blue jeans and tan and red plaid slide on loafers.
Incident: While at the playground at Dinsoaur Park, the mother 1) asked me to watch her (yellow and grey Uppa) stroller. 2) asked me to hand her her bag and 3) simulated giving a handjob on the third horn of the triceratops in full view of children, mothers and nannies. (She did this specifically for one mother she seemed to know, who politely smiled at her lack of decorum). When she saw me looking at her, she laughed like she was really funny. Not funny. The mother had come to the park for one reason only...and that was to have her nanny take pictures of her posing with her child around the park. She was so inept and not used to managing, that she had to involve other people in passing her something, picking up her child's cup, me handing her a bag on the back of her stroller. She stolled on to that playground like she was Duchess Maria Theresa of Austria. She bossed her nanny around viciously. Whining that she better not shoot her from underneath and telling her to climb on a wall to get a better angle. She also complained about the last set of pictures, because this was apparently the SECOND run of this photo shoot. Apparently the nanny had tried before only to get blurry shots. Except for appearing in the picture with the child, the mother didn't talk to the child or interact. She spoke to her nanny so rudely, most of the communication was in dramatic sights. The nanny got him in and out of the stroller and handed him to her. The nanny positioned him on a dinosaur, handed him to her on her lap. It was THE MOST RIDICULOUS thing I have ever seen.


Taleia said...

Aw, this breaks my heart... poor kid! Hope the nanny is extra-loving to this little guy.

Anonymous said...

I feel for the kids and the nanny. What an oaf!


the teaching diva said...

As the youngest of four, I remember my sister working 3 days per week, rotating schedule. She's been a nurse for close to 40 years. My SSILS both stayed home.

Aside from family, I was puzzled in my 20s as to why SAHMs needed nannies, especially those that are home with full time nannies.

In my 30s, I realized that some SAHMs make the choice to raise their families because they were perhaps parented by a SAHM. Others I found feel like because they have the money, they can stay home. I put Barbie moms and Barbie acting moms in that catergory: at home because they know they have the money to afford it.

I still couldn't figure out why a SAHM needs a full time nanny. Part time, sure, but full time? Come on.

In my mid 30s, I realized why SAHMs may have part time nannies, as there is a lot to do during the day, and they need a break. We did a unit on community helpers a few months ago, and I sent home career information sheets to parents. One of the mothers stayed home, but had a bit of an attitude, like she could say and do things because she stayed home. She was a Barbie mom type.

I could never work with a SAHM, unless she was really sweet, down to Earth and funny. Personally, I wonder if some SAHMs only stay home because they are too lazy to work, as in " 'we have money, so why should I work' "?

Poor nanny. I could never work for someone so shallow.

Poor kid. At least he knows his nanny loves him, especially if his mother is too busy loving herself, along with power and status.

nc said...

My heart breaks for the kid, and the nanny who is essentially raising him.

burn said...

The kid will grow up to be a serial killer because he will have been raised by an endless string of disposable domestics, never know his mother's touch or heartbeat, yet have all of these false memories created by young childhood's choreographed photo shoots. Bravo NY Moms. The children you raise are soulless dicks and bastards. Bravo. Bravo. Real Housewives. How about REAL SHITTY MOMS of New York. Or NON MOMS? An ape can do it. A dog can do it. A hippo can do it. A fish can do it, but an UWS mom cannot manage the simple act of raising a child. Something in the water has destroyed all of the motherly instincts. I think it must bethe combination of french red wines and bitter guyre. Fuck you all.

Anonymous said...

You need a nap.