Justin's Response (continued)

Justin (continued)
(NO I HAVE NEVER POSTED ON THIS SITE BEFORE FYI -- the girlfriend thing wasn't me)

I have exposed my true identity and even a real life picture because I have nothing to hide. You have chosen to remain behind the false guise of "Emma" or craigslit-generated email addressed. This is probably for a good reason; I can understand that no professional - or mother for that matter - would wish to be associated with this "campaign of hatred" that you have established against myself -- Justin Womack --.But I must say that there are (3) things that you have overlooked in your attacks. I am sorry to say, but though you seem to have grown more desperate and devoted, your efforts cannot pollute (3) verifiable aspects of my character. I know that some "regulars" to this site will read this posting (before it is flagged down again by you) and help delete future postings that you direct against me.

(1) Community Service.
As my resume reflects, this has been a huge part of my life. I will provide one example and move on:There stands a 50' flagpole at Vineyard Christian School in Newport Beach that was constructed by me. The principle of the school (who has known me since 1989) will provide a reference to my character, heart & ability to care for children.
(2) Non-profit advocacy.
While a simple google search will pull up a stream of attacks (posted in multiple cities and states -- all anonymous or under a false guise), there will also be postings about my appearances on national-news broadcasts targeted at teens struggling with low self-esteem. For the first 2 years in high school, I struggled with 'male anorexia'. I couldn't understand why it seemed that my parents had abandoned me emotionally at a young age and found exercise to be a nice source of comfort & distraction. In the end, I walked away from the trial with a newfound "understanding" and passion for children/teens in general. Not only did I work with the media to reach people on a national/general level, but this is also when I decided on a service-oriented career. For my junior & senior years in high school, I worked as a nanny (building into household manager duties) because I wanted to gain first-hand experience as well -- working on a personal/ individual level. That is where I decided upon a career in the private domestic service arena.
(3) Character.
This is the easiest one for me to testify to as I believe that the entire public has evidence enough (below). While you have posted false claims, personal attacks and even twisted the words of my last posting, I have not responded to ONE of your postings with anger, hatred or rude words. At this point, I fear that you may try to pretend that you are me and use this as another way to sabotage my work. But people will read this. There will be people who will take the time to research the facts. I have even left this posting up for replies because I am willing to personally speak with anyone & everyone. Quality & sincerity are pretty easy to detect in even a simple five minute conversation. That is something that black & white words on a computer screen can never reach.
Conclusion To "Emma": I "call you out" from behind your fascade. If you are seriously trying to help other parents and families, then put your name on the line. To the Craigslist/ Nanny/ Family Community: You decide. If you don't feel that I am sincere or would make a good nanny, then flag down my postings. They are easy to read (even if anonymous) and I only post a few a week (vs. multiple, cheapened attempts like someone else we know). I will get the message and sadly move on to pursue a new career.If however you decide to support me, then I ask for your help in clearing up my "google record". I do not have the privilege of (nor desire for) a full-time household staff to afford me the extra free time to babysit and screen through each attack that is made against me.If I did, I would rather use that time 'contributing' with thing like community service and non-profit work.Regardless, I appreciate your time and again apologize that this could not be dealt with privately. Below you will find posted everything up to this date (if you care to get all the details before deciding).
With Much Heart ,
Justin Avin Womack

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Date: 2006-12-31, 10:32AM PST
What a shame he is still trying to con people, even using a different name now. Justin Womack, Justin Avin, or Guy Weyland, all the same person. My husband and I are in the process of suing this young man for falsifing documents. Contact us for more information if you have been scammed too.
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Date: 2006-12-31, 1:01PM PST
If you claim to be such an innocent victim in this whole situation, why do you keep using false names? I don't buy your story one bit and I hope the mom that is "calling you out" and warning other families about you continues because you are a pathological liar who should be banned from using CL. Furthermore, I hope she continues to investigate your false references and keeps informing other families about you... Thank God we have moms like her to warn the rest of us.
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Date: 2006-12-25, 8:56PM PST
DO NOT use this young man. He has fake references that include family and friends that lie for him, his references letters are admittingly all handwritten by him, and he had no experience in anything he claims except for double talking and making up lies
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Date: 2007-01-04, 2:00PM PST
Get Real Justin A Leopard can't change his spots We also know you're a WOLF in SHEEPS Clothing
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Date: 2006-12-31, 10:27AM PST
Wow, so now you have to change your name as well as fake all your references to find a job? Very sad. We are in the process of suing this young man for falsifying documents. Please contact us for more information on his ongoing scam.
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Date: 2007-01-01, 6:56AM PST
Hello & Warm Greetings!Introduction:My Name Is Justin Avin Womack.There have been several postings with my name in the title that I would like to address personally.Background:It has been my experience that the hardships we face & overcome in life should serve one purpose:---> To make us stronger & more sensitive to the needs of others -- with the goal that this inherited "wisdom" could be used to better someone else's lifeand/or to serve others.Everyone has had their share of problems but what separates the bad, the good & the excellent is how we choose to deal with our experiences.For me, I will admit that in high school I developed "male anorexia" in order to cope with a lack of parental support that hurt and confused me. As anathlete competing at the varsity level in 3 high school sports, cutting out food actually increased my obsession with it. That was enough of adistraction to hold my mind from the painful thoughts of biological rejection.But like most people with anorexia, the disorder took its toll and I ended up a mere 69 pounds at 5'5". Recovering was a difficult, shameful & painfulexperience. Yet I came "back to life" AND I was blessed with two things:(1) A Passion / compassion / understanding for the needs of others (emotional & physical)(2) A Purpose for my life (to make serving others my first & foremost objective)It's the humility & heart from my high school struggles that has blossomed into a sincere warmth that employers say sets me above my peers.Managing someone's life/household is much easier when serving is the ultimate goal already (versus self-centered distractions). I look at each requestand duty as one more opportunity to pass on a piece of my inherited "wisdom" that I was gifted with at such a young age --- to "Pay It Forwards"!Reaction:Up until this point, I have not addressed the woman in La Jolla directly. I would like to open with the affirmation to Emma that I will never holdanything against her. Like any other person, I see a beautiful person inside. There is an analogy that I would like to use as tool to help justify my understanding for her and for her behavior.The subject is a crude one, but it does the point well: pornography. It has been my experience that people who let this "harmless" addiction into their life are really seeking some source of personal/emotional fulfillment. Almost always, a conflict arises: the images loose their original appeal. With time, the person grows more addicted, more desperate just trying to meet the original satisfaction -- all only to be met with the bitterreality that it is a false hope...a lost cause. I feel qualified to use this example as I see it very a kin to how I tried to manipulate my relationship withfood in order to feel "in control" of my life and emotions.If you will notice from the postings listed in the history of this site, Emma's comments (now turning to threats) have become increasingly more provacative & desperate. In this case, it seems that spiteful vengeance has proven the "band-aid": an attempt to create some feeling of satisfaction to fill a personal void. I forsee a deeper pain that is trying to be comforted by a series of attacks against my name. How could I hold the real, beautiful person that is Emma for this confused outward expression. She is just a person in crisis ... much like I was growing up as a child. Where to Proceed:My initial reaction was to cry out for help. I posted a call to other nannies and families for support. Some suggested revenge, some offered kind words. But as I sat and thought about just how to deal with this "thorn in my side",
I came to an awesome realization:
1) She has posted her attacks on several key sites -- cities with large populations of people. By posting a sincere reply to her comments, not only will I be given the opportunity to live up to the warm-hearted attitude I profess to (the very thing that is so hard to prove as nannies & toaccept in a client as families)... BUT I will also have the appropriate circumstances to reach out to others. If these words have touched you -- nomatter if you are a family/potential client, nanny or just a random person -- I would like to make my email account freely open - from today until forever. Though I am young in age, I've been told that I am mature in spirit and am always so happy to be there to just talk, to encourage, to uplift. I mean it :-)
2) I might even find a perfect family or client from all of this. Out of adversity, there is always triumph. I already see this situation as a blessing. Thatwould just be icing on the cake! I do have a website & resume available that I will be happy to pass on, though that is not my primary objective with this posting.Conclusion- The hardships that we face in life serve the purpose of making us stronger- The incite that we gain is invaluable; its value can only be multiplied by the number of people's lives that are bettered from it! - If this is the attitude that you would like to radiate into your household, fill your life, be passed on to your children, then you may respond to this email: whether you are seeking a friend, an employee or an advocate!
Warm Wishes & Don't Forget to "Pay it Forwards" this New Year ,
Justin Avin Womack
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Date: 2007-01-01, 11:20AM PST
My name is Emma and I want to explain: When my husband and I interviewed Justin we had no idea about any of the things he just admitted. We felt he was a sincere, struggling, lost young man who was hoping for a break to turn his life around. We stand behind our decision not to hire him as we felt our children were too precious for him to practice a new life on. Justin's references are made up, along with many other things, but we understand why now, and why he was so persistent, even desperate at times to cover his tracks when we discovered the truth. His family must love him intensely to be able to put themselves in this situation and pretend to be employers so he can find a new life. He seems to have a strong support system that has veered a little off track. Justin did confide in us that he was having problem with his boyfriend and has been seeking psychiatric help for that and other addictions, but we had no idea the extent of it until now. Pornography is a serious, horrific addiction, and had we known that this was the cause of Justin's erratic behaviour and at times bizarre emails to us, we would have never posted what we did. We wanted to warn other families about his made up jobs, but we didn't realize that he is being controlled by something he has no control over. Porn can rule your life if you let it, and it seems Justin is truly trying to change that around, and we applaud him for it. He certainly can do anything he sets his mind to, and I think he is waiting for a job to help pull him out of this vicious cycle. I personally think he is very brave for admitting all of this on a public board, but really, Justin is nothing if not brave. His life reflects that. For Justin or anyone else who struggles with pornography addiction, here are some resources we hope will help you:
We hold no resentment towards Justin, and in this New Year, we wish him the very best in finding what he has been searching for. We hope he can come clean about his background to future families and present what we know is inside; a wonderful, honest young man who truly can make something of himself if he chooses.
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As for checking out his social security number, there is a source online for free that takes 2 seconds to see who's social security number a SS# was issued to. I think a lot of you who hire Caribbean nannies would be shocked. Shocked at how many "legal" nannies are not legal at all.

Kurt said...

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